Aklanons coming from the NCR Plus Regions are still barred from entering Aklan -Aklan Governor

Aklanons coming from the NCR Plus Regions are still barred from entering Aklan -Aklan Governor

Aklan Governor Florencio Miraflores said Aklanons coming from the NCR Plus Regions are still barred from entering Aklan Province and stressed that the Province would not be placed under MECQ (Modified Enhanced Community Quarantine).

Currently, only essential travelers are acknowledged to return to the Aklan Province.

The essential travelers include government officials, Authorized Person Outside Residence (APOR), and those who have emergency cases.

The Provincial Government received complaints regarding Aklanons who are having difficulty accessing the QR code from the Provincial office of Aklan.

"Aton lang gid nga hueat hueaton, madali lang gid man hay malisod pa ro classification para mabalik man naton sa normal ro travel from NCR+plus ag Aklan," Miraflores answered.

(We have to wait for a little bit longer since its difficult for the classification to return to normal, the travel from NCR plus to Aklan)

In an Interview by Jonathan "Idol" Cabrera of Radyo Todo, Miraflores said that the validating team of Aklan could already issue a QR code within 24 hours to the essential travelers who completed their requirements.

Miraflores also said that some of the Aklanons have a hard time living in Manila and want to go home to their Province.

"Ro kaeabanan nga gusto magbuoe it QR code hay mga Akeanon nga gusto gid-a mag-uli," he said.

(The most who wants to get the QR Code are Aklanons who longs to go home)

However, "Ro policy naton karon hay until such time nga mabalik eang gid ro restriction sa Manila, indi gid anay kita makatao it QR code o entry," Miraflores stressed and advised them to hold on and wait.

(However, our policy states until the NCR Plus Regions ease the travel restrictions, Aklanons won't be able to receive a QR Code, nor will they be allowed entry into the Province.)

Province will not be place under MECQ

Meanwhile, despite the increase of COVID-19 cases in the Province, Miraflores said that declaring MECQ is unnecessary.

Iloilo City was the first to be placed under MECQ approved by the IATF as requested by Mayor Jerry Treñas.

The government of Roxas City also sent a request to the IATF to declare the City, which is currently at MGCQ, under MECQ.

However, in the Province of Aklan, Miraflores is confident that the provincial government will control the continuous surge of Covid-19 cases.

Currently, the Aklan Province is under moderate risk MGCQ. There's a high possibility that Covid-19 cases will increase, but the government is assertive since the hospitalization rate in the Province is still low.

According to Miraflores, they would only implement granular lockdowns in areas with greater Covid-19 positive cases and not in the whole Province of Aklan.

In regards to this, Miraflores will hold a meeting with the IATF and local government units on Monday about their responsibilities in combating the spread of the virus.

As of today, Aklan has a total of 2,245 confirmed cases, while 1,897 have fully recovered, 298 are still recovering, and 50 died.

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