Kalibo Aklan conducted Today the Re-routing and Pay parking of vehicles

Kalibo Aklan conducted Today the Re-routing and Pay parking of vehicles

Kalibo, Aklan–conducted a dry run of the re-routing and the pay parking of vehicles today February 15, 2021.

According to Mayor Emerson Lachica, since it is a dry-run, the authorities will not reprimand those that violate this, with the exemption of the current traffic laws already being implemented.

The final decision concerning the re-routing will depend on the results and the data gathered after 14 days. From February 15 to 28 since the start of its implementation.

The Sangguniang Bayan ng Kalibo is optimistic that this will significantly help lessen the heavy traffic occurring in Aklan as more and more people and vehicles are arriving.

On the other hand, the Pay Parking will be from 7:00 am to 4:00 pm, and overnight parking will start at 9:00 pm to 5:00 am from Monday to Sunday.

Pay Parking aims to lessen the parking of vehicles besides the main road of Kalibo. And to establish night parking or overnight parking to help with the nationwide curfew.

As the urbanization in Aklan is slowly arising, concerns regarding the province's traffic congestions need to be addressed. With the infrastructure and road capacity no longer able to sustain the growth of transport demand, the Local Government of Kalibo decided to take action.

The enactment of the 2020 Municipal Transport and Traffic Code plays a big part in managing the systems of traffic, as well as the management of at least 3,000 tricycles utilizing the routes in Kalibo and the growing number of private vehicles.

Another important feature of the Code is the creation of the Transport and Traffic Management Council. They will be responsible for the planning and the formulation of plans regarding the management of traffic and transports systems. This includes the issuance of the night-tricycle franchises that are allowed to operate between 6:00 pm up until 6:00 am in every barangay of Kalibo, with the exemption at the Kalibo Airport.

The Sangguniang Bayan of Kalibo plans to officially implement this code this March 2, days after the dry-run this February 15-28 for the tricycles operating under the 16 barangays of Kalibo.

According to Engr. Marlo Villanueva, the Municipal Planning and Development Officer, that the dry-run will oversee how the tricycle drivers and commuters would respond to the new traffic plan. He asks the public for much-needed patience and understanding “as the traffic rerouting plan’s effectiveness remains to be seen.”

In addition, he assured that the Kalibo Traffic Unit considers the predicament it will cause the private citizens and the local businesses as well.

The traffic plan sees that tricycles will prohibit the use of five national highways of Kalibo. Namely Osmeña Avenue, Cardinal Sin Avenue, D. Maagma Street from corner Mabini Street through corner Toting Reyes Street, Roxas Avenue from Kalibo Bridge to corner Mabini Street, and Mabini Street from corner Roxas Avenue through corner D. Maagma Street.

Meanwhile, the pedicabs and the tricycles-for-hire is blocked from the national highways within Kalibo. Though they will be allowed at some portions of the highways that were identified in their routes of operations.

With the exemptions when tricycles-for-hire are carrying sick or injured individuals to clinics or hospitals, in emergency cases, or when transporting family members to and from schools or their workplaces.

Routes/Zones of Operation are

Route 1: Tinigaw, Mobo, Tigayon, Estancia, Linabuan Norte

Kalibo, Aklan Re-routing 1

Route 2: Old Buswang, New Buswang, Bakhaw Sur, Bakhaw Norte

Kalibo, Aklan Re-routing 2

Route 3: Pook, Mabilo, Caano, Nalook, Briones, Andagao

Kalibo, Aklan Re-routing 3

Route 4: Poblacion

Kalibo, Aklan Re-routing 4

Reference : (Boy Ryan Zabal/INews-Aklan/Boracay Bureau)

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