New Guidelines for Travelers going to Aklan Province

New Guidelines for Travelers going to Aklan Province

The Provincial Government of Aklan released Executive Order No. 005-B series of 2021 today regarding the amended guidelines of travelers entering Aklan province.


All travelers coming from areas classified as Modified General Community Quarantine (MGCQ) and General Community Quarantine (GCQ) are allowed to enter the province provided that they must present their negative RT-PCR test results 72 hours before their travel date.

But some are exempted. Those include ROFs, APORs-WV, travelers from Western Visayas going to mainland Aklan, drivers, helpers of delivery trucks, and vans.

Returning Overseas Filipinos (ROFs)

Returning Overseas Filipinos (ROFs) are brought to the Aklan Training Center for profiling. Unless they have shown symptoms of the virus, the ROFs will be sent home. However, ROFs who are not under the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) will be considered regular travelers and must present a negative RT PCR test result.

Authorized Persons Outside Residence (APORs-WV)

Moreover, Authorized Persons Outside Residence (APORs) coming from Western Visayas are the only ones allowed to enter the island of Boracay for official businesses without their RT-PCR test results. But they still must present their Travel Order, Travel Itinerary, and Government-issued ID.

Drivers, helpers of delivery trucks and vans

For drivers, helpers of delivery trucks, and vans, they must register to the QR Code System of the Province of Aklan before boarding. If their final destination is outside of Aklan, then, in addition to the QR code, they must also secure the S-Pass System from the LGU of their final destination before the travel.

Travelers passing through Aklan

The same is for travelers passing through Aklan. They are required the Travelers QR Code with the Aklan OHDC and the S-PASS Travel Coordination Permit (TCP) or a Travel Pass Permit (TPP) issued by the local government unit of their destination.

Travelers from within Western Visayas

Travelers from within Western Visayas whose leading destination is only mainland Aklan are included in the list of exemptions from the RT PCR test results.

Tourist with Boracay Island as their destination

The tourists going to Boracay after complying with all the existing requirements are now also permitted to enter. Take note that the only airport available to enter the island is through the Caticlan Airport (Godofredo Ramos Airport).

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These are travelers coming from Modified Enhanced Community Quarantine (MECQ) and Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) granted limited entry to the selected few. Such as,

  • Authorized Persons Outside Residence (APORS) classified as follows:

  1. Health and emergency frontline services and uniformed personnel
  2. Government Officials and employees on official travel
  3. Duly authorized humanitarian assistance actors (HAAs), escpecially those transporting medical supplies and laboratory specimens related to COVID-19, and other relief and humanitarian assistance.
  4. Persons travelling for medical or humanitarian reasons from the Province of Aklan and back home.
  5. Anyone crossing zones for work or business permitted in the zone of destination, and going back home.

Provided that they present their negative RT-PCR test results, Government-issued ID and travel order, or their proof of engagement of medical or humanitarian activity.

  • Repatriated OFWs, or returning OFWs issued with DOH or BOQ quarantine certificates
  • Travellers from GCQ and MGCQ areas passing through ECQ and MECQ areas as transit passage will be allowed entry in the Province of Aklan, provided they apply for S-PASS Travel Coordination Permit from the Province.


No traveler shall be required to undergo quarantine unless they exhibit symptoms upon arrival at the point of entry as assessed by the designated health personnel.


Furthermore, all travelers are required to register through the QR Code System of the province.

  • For travelers coming from outside of Western Visayas going to Aklan Mainland

  1. Acquire your QR code through
  2. Select Aklan and fill in the required fields. Take note that the visitor type selected is a traveler.
  3. Take a screenshot of the OHDC confirmation page
  4. Send the following documents to [email protected]
  • Screenshot of OHDC confirmation page
  • Philippine Government-issued ID
  • Negative RT-PCR test results
  • Travel details

5. Wait for an email response from the Final Validator. The validation usually processes within an hour. If you have not received any response within two hours, please send another follow-up email.

6. If the processing is unsuccessful, an email will be sent to you requesting additional requirements or clarification. Please comply with the requirements immediately to avoid delays in the release of the QR code

7. If it is successful, a copy of the Health Declaration Card with your QR code will be sent back through your email. Your QR Code will be used for your entry into ports (land, air, sea)

  • For APOR-WV going to Boracay Island

  1. Acquire your QR code through
  2. Select Aklan and fill out the required fields. Make sure that your selected visitor type is APOR-WV.
  3. Save or have a print copy of your OHDC
  4. Upon entering the ports, please present the following documents

- Copy of the OHDC with APOR-WV QR Code

- Valid IDs issued by your respective government agency

- Original or certified true copy of Travel Order/Travel Authority

- Travel Itinerary/Travel Details

  • For Aklanon Travelers passing through LGUs or ports of entry that require S-PASS should secure:
  1. An OHDC for Travelers QR code
  2. you can acquire your S-PASS TCP through:
  • Create an account through
  • Complete the member registration process then log in by using your mobile number (without the "0") and your password
  • Apply for the travel coordination permit by selecting the option "Are you traveling?"
  • Fill up the required fields of the form
  • Upload a picture of your ID, RT-PCR Certificate, and a copy of your OHDC for travelers with your QR CODE and submit
  • Wait for the approval of your S-PASS TCP. But for faster approval, you may send your pending Travel Coordination Permi (TCP) to [email protected]

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