Returning Aklanons now allowed to return to Aklan

Returning Aklanons now allowed to return to Aklan

Returning Aklanons coming from Modified General Community Quarantine (MGCQ) and General Community Quarantine Areas (GCQ), including from the NCR Plus Regions, are finally allowed to return home to Aklan Province.

As long as the travellers complete the documents required in Executive Order No. 005-C, they can now go back to the Province.

According to the EO No. 005 of Governor Miraflores, one of the requirements is to present a negative RT-PCR test result within 72 hours.

Aside from the negative test results, returning Aklanons must also obtain a notice of coordination/acceptance from their respective local government units and a QR Code.

To receive a QR Code, go to this website:  and answer the following forms, then submit. After that, travellers must screenshot their Online Health Declaration Card (OHDC).

Finally, once you compiled and completed all the required documents, submit them at: [email protected].

Here is the complete list of requirements:
A. If a returning Aklanon, Notice of coordination from the municipality of the destination
B. Screenshot of OHDC
C. Philippine Government-issued ID
D. Negative RT-PCR test result with the date of extraction three days to the date of travel
E. Travel details
F. Copy of pending S-PASS TCP Application

If there are multiple travel documents, you may attach and submit them in one email as long the names of each individual are included.

It is advised that travellers must submit the documents 12 hours before travelling back to Aklan to avoid delays.

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