The New Kalibo, Aklan Public Market Grand Design

The New Kalibo, Aklan Public Market Grand Design

The local government of Kalibo showed the grand design and plan for the new Kalibo Public Market, soon to open new opportunities and a possible new tourism landmark.

The plans for the new Kalibo Public Market will soon be underway, according to Rey Villaruel, the Kalibo Municipal Treasurer, in an interview this morning with Jonathan "Idol" Cabrera of Radyo Todo.

Made with the help of the United Architects of the Philippines Aklan Chapter, the proposed building is said to have an impressive five floors complete with escalators and state-of-the-art architecture. All for the convenience of the public consumers and vendors.

New Kalibo Aklan Public Market Grand Design

The ground floor will be utilized as a parking lot, which was a constant problem that will soon be answered once the construction is finished. The second floor will serve as the wet goods stations, while the dry goods are on the third floor as for the fourth and the fifth floor, Villareal said that it can either be used as a recreation center or another parking lot. The possibility for the utilization of these floors is many.

The new Kalibo Public Market has an allocated budget amounting to PHP 300 million, though the municipal treasurer added that it is open for a Public-Private Partnership for anyone interested. The building will be constructed on the existing public market at Roxas Avenue and Toting Reyes.

proposal public market relocation a three storey multi-purpose building

On the other hand, the Sanggunian Bayan already ratified the loan agreement and, has approved the proposal for the three-floor building that will serve as a relocation site for the vendors. Villaruel said that the bank is now only waiting for the ratification term loan papers, and then the construction of the temporary public market will soon commence.

The relocation site of the current Kalibo Public Market will be constructed at J. Martelino St. at Andagao. It has an allocated budget of Php 110 million and Php 60 million for the land. The building takes about six months to complete. After the temporary building is constructed, the LGU will eventually start on the New Kalibo Public Market, which will take about one and a half years according to Villaruel.

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