3 Must visit islands near Boracay

3 Must visit islands near Boracay

Dive into and explore these popular islands to visit near Boracay. Be amazed and surprised for there are plenty of adventurous activities to be found. Get ready for an Island adventure of your life. Here we round up 3 must-visit islands near Boracay that are great for your vacation experience.

Revisit them and see the difference after its closure to public almost two years ago (April, 2018).

Small Island, Big Adventures (Crystal Cove)

Crystal Cove Boracay

Crystal Cove, a small island filled with many adventures. With caves, wildlife, crystal blue waters, surrounded by nature it is the perfect getaway from civilization. Just you, nature, exploration and memories of adventure.

Upon docking on the shores, you will be greeted by the island’s finest. A sense of thrill, mystery and a little bit of curiosity. At first, it can be a little bit overwhelming with all the beautiful spots and wanting to go to them all at once. But take a deep breath in its wonders. Let that feeling lead you to the island’s secrets.

Crystal Cove Birds Photo
Photo by: Crystal Cove Island Resort Facebook page

A short walk through its nature reserve where if you’re lucky you can spot different species of birds. A little bit further and you will find yourself at the top part of the island where you can see its magnificent views. With crystal blue waters surrounding it and more small islands that you can see on the distance. A very picturesque spot. The perfect selfie spot.

Crystal Cove path to cave
Photo by: Crystal Cove Island Resort Facebook page

A visit to the island’s mysterious caves will hopefully satisfy your yearning heart for something fun and thrilling. Walking through the dark paths of the cave with only one source of light. At the end of it, you will find yourself in a cavern of rock formations and the crystal where the island got its name from. It is the highlight of what crystal cove has to offer.

Crystal Cove Cave

Crystal Cove is the definition of adventure, fun and a picturesque package all in one. With every pathway of the island, you will find yourself in different adventures and different memories. To discover each of the island secrets will leave you searching for more wonders.

The walkthrough its nature reserve, a look for exotic birds, a climb to the side of the island, to venture in its different caves, to take a seat and breathe in the salt watered air, taking tons of memorable photos that will surely get tons of likes. The island is simply perfect for everyone, young professionals, elderly, couples, singles, and families. What more can you ask for?

It is a guarantee that you will leave the island with Instagrammable experience and many fond memories.

Entrance fee: Php 300 per person

How to get there: When you’re in Boracay you can go at Station 1 or Station 3 beach front where you can find booking stations for a chartered boat.

JUST JUMP! (Magic Island)

Boracay Magic Island Top View
Photo by: Ali Bouzidi

If you are the type of person to search for more vigorous activity, a nerve-wracking challenge and the feeling of free fall. Then jump on to the Magic Island of Boracay.

Just about 10-20 minutes of boat travel from the main island, and you can now see the destination your longing for. A secluded kind of island, perfect for the awaiting activity.

Magic Island Cottages
Photo by: Bonfel Mobile Photography

There is only one reason why tourists and locals alike decided to go and visit the famed Magic Island and that is cliff diving. For the courageous and brave, it is a dare for everyone. To jump off the plank ranging from 3 meters (10 feet) to 10 meters (30 feet) high.

But do not fret for the first-timers for surely you can enjoy this activity far more than you have hoped for. Magic Island is a perfect place to practice your diving or jumping skills. Need moral support? Everyone is there to cheer for you. Swallow that fear, expect the fall into the cool waters and just simply jump.

Magic Island Diving Plank
Photo by: Bonfel Mobile Photography

Greeted by again the crystalline blue waters everyone enjoys seeing. It is an island built for the jump and the plunged for excitement through the waters. There are also huts available to take rest after your exciting experience.

This unlimited vault of your lifetime is by far very memorable. Whether it may be your first time or you’re trying out every possible cliff jumping sites. Better remember to have your waterproof cameras, selfie sticks or drones to take these memories wherever you may go.

Magic Island, braving fear and taking the leap of the lifetime.

Entrance fee: Php 250 per person

How to get there:  When you’re in Boracay you can go at Station 1 or Station 3 beach front where you can find booking stations for a chartered boat.

Eco-adventure (Ariel’s Point)

Ariel's Point

If you have been to the magic island and wish to experience more than possibly your next travel destination would be Ariel’s Point.

Don’t forget to have your waterproof cameras, selfie sticks, and drones to fully capture and share the thrilling experience of jumping off the cliff. This adventure is worth sharing with those adrenaline junkies in real life and eco-adventure enthusiasts on social media. A dare accepted, challenged, and accomplished.

Ariel’s point, another cliff diving site, but this time only higher. You might need an extra dose of bravery and courage to be able to jump the height offered by Ariel’s point.

If again this is your first time jumping then fear not, lifeguards are standing by, and the motivational cheers of everyone around you. You are not alone in the jump you are about to take.

ariel point boracay man jumps on the cliff photo

Now after a leap of faith, you will surely be wanting to jump once again into the refreshing waters of the island.

After when all the jumping is done, and your energy is spent, it is probably time for you to take in the island’s natural beauty. Endless blue water, and the breezy salty air coming at your face. A long day has passed, it is time for you to relax and reflect all the memories made.

Aside from cliff diving, you can also enjoy other activities like snorkeling, paddle boarding and kayaking which are also included in the package. Don’t forget the unlimited barbeque and drinks the place has to offer to keep you going for the entire day.

Ariel’s Point, a small island that is sure to take your breath away, literally.

Entrance Fee: Php 2800 per adult

How to get there: Go to Ariel’s House in Station 1 between 10 AM to 10:30 AM for registration and orientation. The boat will leave at 11 AM. You can also book online at  https://www.boracayphilippineshotelandtransportation.com.ph/tour/cliff-diving-ariels-point/ or to their website at  http://www.arielspoint.com/

* For participants 13 years old and up.

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