All about Boracay

All about Boracay

Boracay is a world-class tourism destination in the heart of the Philippine archipelago. Dubbed as Asia’s 24/7 island, Boracay, just seven kilometers long and less than one kilometer wide, is a tropical paradise one should not miss.

The island’s main attraction is the White Beach with a 4-kilometer stretch powder-like white sand that remains cold despite the hot tropical weather. It also has crystal clear water that is just knee-deep though you’re several meters away from the shore already. Its stunning golden sunset each day is also a sight to behold while you’re enjoying a refreshing drink on your beach bed.

Boracay island hopping

Along the shoreline of this beach paradise are coconut trees lined up with resorts, restaurants, bars, coffee and tea houses, souvenir shops and almost everything for all kinds of tourists and travelers.

The White Beach is divided in three stations. The Station 1 is where most big private resorts are located and has a more peaceful environment. Station 2 on the other hand is the busiest part of the island where most bars and food establishments are located. Meanwhile, Station 3 is a mixture of both loud and private areas.

Apart from the White Beach, the island has several other beaches with its own unique vibe too.

On the opposite side of the infamous White Beach, there is Bulabog Beach. As a venue for an annual kitesurfing event, Bulabog has its own charm that attracts thrill seekers and sporty travelers. Kitesurfing schools and sports bar are almost everywhere in the area.

Boracay Puka Beach
Boracay Puka Beach

Meanwhile, on the northernmost peak of the island, there is a more tranquil Puka Beach. Unlike the White Beach, it does not have powdery sands but are made of Puka sheels. Development is less in the area so travelers who want more peaceful time will enjoy the place.

Boracay Activities


Round the clock, the island likewise offers unlimited things you can try. During the day, have some fun in the water by joining island hopping activities or try riding a banana boat, flyfish or a jet ski. If you love diving, Boracay’s marine resources will surely not disappoint you too. To cap the day, ride a local sailboat called “paraw” and catch the sunset while in the middle of Boracay blue waters.

Boracay Nightlife


As the sun goes down, the island meanwhile transforms into a big party place. Boracay’s night life is one reason why tourists keep on coming back! Regular nights here are enlivened by fire dancing shows at the beach. The best part too is you can grab some drinks and listen to live music or party all night in different bars at the beach without having the burden of dressing up. Just wear your most comfortable clothes and you’re good to go!

Boracay Food

If you’re a foodie, Boracay is also a perfect place for an unforgettable gastronomic experience. Whether you like international cuisines in a fine dining restaurant, the freshest seafood cooked in front of you, or if you want to try the local cuisine, you will never run out of good choices.

Boracay Accommodations

Boracay hotels

Wondering where to stay? There’s no need to stress for Boracay offers accommodation for every traveler: from 5-star hotels to budget backpacking hostels.

Why Boracay should be on your bucket list? Well, the world considers it as the best. Recently readers of international travel magazine Conde Nast Traveler voted Boracay as the Best Island in the World. If you wanna know why, come and visit our paradise island!

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