Eye-catching Sunset of Boracay

Eye-catching Sunset of Boracay

A canvas, painted by God. There’s nothing like it. Constantly every day and sure it’s faithful. There’s nothing like a moment in a day watching the sun as it sets.

Boracay offers the best sunset view, to relax, to recharge and to forget about your worries and just be awed by its grandeur.

These are explored in the paragraphs that follow. Let’s dive right in.

As the sun on the horizon begins to set we are yet again reminded that the day is almost at its end. Almost but not yet. There is something about sunsets that always makes us stop and just admire its beauty. It might be the oranges hues that paint the blue sky golden or the unique red tint it paints the distance, the fleeting of the clouds, or maybe it is the golden orb coming down from above and will now take its rest.

Sunset at Boracay
Photo by Rexy Quieta / Unsplash

Sunsets have many different meanings. Sunset can be your inspiration, motivation and a reminder that the sun will continue to rise again tomorrow. A new beginning will always start.

Whether you’re at home, office, city, countryside, or even at a beach. We can’t deny that the sunset affects us all. Make us smile and stop for a while. Most of the time getting hypnotized by its glorious beauty. According to research and studies, sunset watching has been proven to be helpful in our well-being.

Crowd during sunset at Boracay
Photo by Rexy Quieta / Unsplash

A study by Jia Wei Zhang at the University of California, Berkeley, suggested that spending more time with nature (like watching the sunset) improves one’s emotional state. People are much happier when they’re close to nature compared to those who aren’t.

Nature has a way to make us feel better both physically and emotionally. Research indicates that exposing yourself to nature and appreciating its beauty can help reduce the amount of stress you’re currently experiencing significantly.

Give yourself a time to simply step out of your office and enjoy a ten-minute walk to bask in the sunset. In this way, you can relax a bit more.

In our always-connected world today, there is this ever-present stress and pressure from everywhere that we are all experiencing. We all need the time to unplugged, unwind, relax and just simply live out there than just living in the four corners of our offices or workplaces and risk ourselves to an inevitable burn out. A commune with nature is the best escape to this busy and bustling world.

We need the time to reward ourselves, and one of the best gifts you can give yourself is traveling. “To Travel is to Live” – Hans Christian Andersen.

Photo by Gian Paul Guinto / Unsplash

Having a vacation on an island is one of the best travel experience. It is a “must” on your bucket list you might want to tick off. Just imagine yourself, walking on the soft sands of the beach, surrounded by palm trees and the sea breeze coming at your face while hearing the sounds of the waves splashing at your feet. And as you stare out into the horizon you can see the twilight hues on the background while the sun slowly dips.

Photo by Jonathan Cabrera on FB

There are many beautiful island destinations in the world. Last October, Conde Nest Traveler, named The Best Islands in the World: 2019 Reader’s Choice Awards. In Asia, the top spot goes to Boracay Island. Followed by Cebu and Visayas Islands also in the Philippines. The third spot is Penang in Malaysia, Palawan again the Philippines and lastly Bali in Indonesia.

A vacation to the island of Boracay can certainly fit the bill you’re currently looking for. This beach is known for its wide shoreline, 4km long beach with powdery white sands, and the crystal blue waters. Of course, we mustn’t forget the beautiful sunset on the island. This probably is one of the most anticipated marveled island experience.

sunset in boracay oranges hues photo
Photo by Mary Faith Angeles on FB

It doesn’t disappoint anyone. Colors of unimaginable hue dance across the sky. It is like a taste of heaven, its beauty overflowing. A view that will eventually put you in awe of its wonder and a wide smile on your face.

sunset in boracay palm trees silhouette
Photo by Felix Gregorio Delos Santos on FB

There are lots of places with a good view of the sunset, but not as good as it is here in Boracay. No sunset is ever the same in this beautiful island.

boracay sunset purple sky photo
Photo by Sol Cudanin Cabrera on FB

Watch it as it slowly dips down. Washing the sky in a new pallet of oranges, reds, and purples like watercolors bleeding on a blank canvas. And eventually disappearing below leaving out a trail of stars that is followed by deep blue color and the moon finally awakening from its slumber.

Paraw sunset sailing in boracay photo

In addition to this, you can even enjoy it while sailing the famed Paraw trying to chase the sun. There is a limitless option on how you want to spend the time waiting and seeing the sunset here on the island.

It is the satisfaction of seeing the magnificent creation that puts our souls at peace. It makes us grateful for the world we are living in. The light on the horizon symbolizing hope and the start of something amazing.

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