Malay municipal health offices (MHOs) are set to implement the ‘3M strategy’ for mass immunization program against COVID-19

Malay municipal health offices (MHOs) are set to implement the ‘3M strategy’ for mass immunization program against COVID-19

MALAY, Aklan–As Aklan province gears up for its mass immunization program against COVID-19, it has come up with a pre-rollout strategy dubbed the ‘3M strategy’ to ensure the smooth deployment of the vaccine.

The plan includes the master listing of the eligible population, microplanning, and the mapping of vaccination sites and vaccination workforce.

Already, Malay Municipal Health Officer Dr. Athena Magdamit said, Malay municipal health offices (MHOs) are set to implement the said strategy in support of the province’s COVID-19 response once a safe and effective vaccine becomes available.

The master list, initiated at the LGU level, will be prepared well in advance of the program to identify target eligible and priority groups. Critical vetting of profiles will be conducted to avoid duplications before encoding to an electronic vaccine immunization registry.

Public health care workers, who are at most at risk from a serious infection, are the first on the list of vaccine recipients. Indigent senior citizens and uniformed personnel are also identified as priority eligible groups.

The second step, microplanning, will be carried out, post-training, by the LGUs after receipt of the master list of recipients.

LGUs and MHOs are also responsible for the third and last step of the strategy: mapping the vaccination workforce and ensuring a sufficient number of personnel in vaccination posts.

Magdamit said the deployment of vaccines in geographical areas is based on the number of cases and attack rate in recent weeks.

“Western Visayas has one of the lowest attack rates and index cases in the country,” she noted.

While vaccines being developed have not been proven to prevent local transmission, COVID-19 vaccination will likely be a safe way to build protection against the coronavirus. Vaccinated people will be protecting themselves, as well as their families and all people with whom they interact.

Vaccines have been utilized in response to past epidemics, for instance, against the novel influenza A (H1N1) virus in 2009 and the Ebola virus between 2014 and 2016.

As of February 6, the town of Malay has 29 confirmed cases in total, two of which are active and in isolation.

Boracay Foundation, Inc. (BFI) president Edwin Raymundo said they are collaborating and working closely with stakeholders and private sectors to gain more access to vaccine manufacturers and to ensure more supply for residents and workers.

“The only way to spark tourism and economy in Boracay Island is to guarantee the availability of vaccines. Tulungan natin ang LGUs; para rin sa atin ito [Let us help the LGUs; this is for all of us],” he stated./(Boy Ryan Zabal/INews-Aklan/Boracay Bureau)

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