Authority to provide passes for Boracay day visitors

Authority to provide passes for Boracay day visitors

Non-island residents who wish to visit Boracay in just one day can still enter the island. They just need to secure a one day pass from the Boracay Security Committee of the Boracay Interagency Task Force for Rehabilitation, according to Aklan Jetty Port Administrator Niven Maquirang, in an interview over Radyo Todo.

To get a one day pass, visitors just need to leave their ID at the security table at the jetty port, he said. The same policy will also be applicable for collectors, and those with deliveries and transactions in the island.

Maquirang said aside from the day pass, non-Aklanon visitors shall pay terminal and environmental fee to enter Boracay. Aklanons will remain exempted from paying terminal and environmental fee, he added.

For non-island resident who have relatives or friends in the island, the owner of the house should provide a letter addressed to the Boracay Security Committee through the Office of the Jetty Port Administrator.

The letter must state that the owner of the house will sponsor the accommodation of the visitor.

For workers, they must secure a worker’s ID pass at the jetty port. The requirements include: Malay PESO Occupational Permit, company ID, employment certificate, ID picture and one government issued ID.

Boracay is scheduled to reopen on October 26 after six months of temporary closure.

Prior to its soft opening, a dry run is scheduled starting on October 15 wherein Aklanon tourist will be allowed to enter the island.

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