Boracay Island starts its community vaccination roll-out today

Boracay Island starts its community vaccination roll-out today

Boracay Island starts its first Community vaccination roll-out today, May 26, 2021, at the Paradise Garden Resort Hotel and Convention Center.

The Local Government Unit of Malay plans to inoculate individuals that fall under the categories A1, and A2. These are the frontline health workers, and the senior citizens, respectively.

A total number of 134 Registered Senior Citizens and other frontline healthcare workers were scheduled to receive the first doses of the COVID-19 Vaccines, which started at 8:00 am until 3:00 pm.

Vaccination in Boracay photo

Registered A1 and A2 priorities were advised to arrive on their scheduled time; otherwise, their slot will be forfeited and given to the next eligible person.

After the A1 and A2 group priorities, it will be followed by the A3 group who are individuals with co-morbidities.

These co-morbidities are: Chronic Respiratory Disease, Hypertension, Cardiovascular Disease, Chronic Kidney Disease, Cerebrovascular Accident, Malignancy, Diabetes, Obesity, Neurologic Disease, Tuberculosis, Chronic Respiratory Tract Infection, Immunodeficiency.

According to the LGU of Malay, individuals must first register at the LGU Malay Online Registration Portal (, as they are not currently accepting any walk-ins to avoid overcrowding, ensuring that the vaccination flow is strictly followed.

Before arriving at the vaccination site, individuals must prepare their:

  • Government-issued ID
  • A PhilHealth ID or MDR (If none, please inform the authorities as soon as possible)
  • Medical clearance (if available)
  • Your QR Code, which can be acquired through this link: (, and
  • You are required to wear a face mask and face shield.

Afterward, individuals will undergo an assessment and the final screening procedure before finally getting their COVID-19 vaccination shot. Though they are still to remain for another 15-30 minutes for the post-vaccination to observe any possible side effects, then a card will then be given detailing the next date for their second dose.

According to RN Arbie Aspiras from MHO of Malay, they are planning to vaccinate about 200 people per day, as it takes about 95% of the population to achieve a herd community, but still they are planning to inoculate 100% of Malay's population with approximately a total of 15,000 residents eventually.

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