Boracay Phase 3 Road Project will Start by First Quarter of 2021

Boracay Phase 3 Road Project will Start by First Quarter of 2021

The construction of the third phase of the circumferential road on the island of Boracay will start in the first quarter of this year. Department of Public Work and Highways is determined to start the third phase of the road project.

“Construction will start by first quarter of the year, " said Engr. Al Fruto, DPWH assistant regional director for Western Visayas.

To lessen the bottleneck traffic on the main road of Boracay the road project is initialized. The third phase of the road project is consist of two sections, said Fruto to Manila Bulletin.

The road from the rotonda section to Cagban Jetty Port is the first section of the road that will be constructed. This road is the main entry and exit point of Boracay for tourists coming from the mainland of the Malay town.

The second section consists of the road of Bolabog, which is considered Boracay's back beach, up to the village of the indigenous people. Frutos added that in the second section, the road is of concrete on the boardwalk. Giving better access for the ambulances and fire trucks that will be the use of emergency.

They have allowed a budget of P140-million for the first section and P47-million for the second section.

The phase three project is included in the Duterte administration long-term rehabilitation program of the island. The reconstruction started last 2018 when Boracay shut down to tourists for six months.

Last December, phases 1 and 2 of the project is completed. Where 8.73 kilometers, a portion of Boracay Circumferential Road Project of the Department of Public Works and Highways was improved and fixed.

According to the DPWH Secretary Mark A. Villar that Phases 1 and 2 road portions were concreted, widened, and constructed with a drainage system, wider sidewalks, provisions of street lighting, tree planting, and complete with road safety markings.

“Almost half of the entire 21.64-kilometer Boracay Circumferential has been improved and we are set to implement the remaining 11.68-kilometer section in the coming years to bring further transport relief to both locals and visitors of Boracay Island,” said Secretary Villar.

Furthermore, once the roads of the island are finished it can reduce the travel time of tourists coming from the Cagban Port in Baranggay Manoc Manoc to Ilig-Iligan Beach in Barangay Yapak.

"We are hopeful that better roads will make Boracay more appealing and beneficial to tourists and islanders,” added Secretary Villar.

Source: Manila Bulletin

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