Boracay supply of vaccines is not enough

Boracay supply of vaccines is not enough

According to Aklan Governor Florencio Miraflores, they plan to inoculate about 70%  or about 30,000 of Boracay's population, prioritizing the A1, A2, and A3 group, but the vaccine supply is short.

In an interview with Jonathan "Idol" Cabrera's radio program Todo Latigo, currently, there are only about 500 available vaccine doses, making it difficult for the provincial government to reach its target Miraflores said.

With Aklan's economy heavily depending on the tourism of Boracay, the Government of Aklan requested the Department of Health Region VI (DOH VI)  to asked the National Vaccination Center to have a separate allocation of vaccines for the island of Boracay. The DOH VI  supported the provincial government's request.

Furthermore, the provincial government is planning on purchasing 100,000 doses from the Novavax Facility. The vaccines are expected to arrive at the third or in the early fourth quarter of this year.

Once the vaccines finally arrive, Boracay Island will be prioritized for the tourism of Aklan to recover from the pandemic.

With the allocation of vaccines from the DOH and the additional doses, the Government of Aklan purchased, Governor Miraflores, said that the Province of Aklan could achieve herd immunity faster.

With the provincial government eyeing the Moderna and Pfizer vaccine, the province invested in a cold storage facility, as both vaccines require a -20 and a -80 degrees Celsius freezer, respectively.

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