Cut corners in Boracay Sidewalks?

Cut corners in Boracay Sidewalks?

Boracay island - There have been questions and concerns about why are the sidewalks on phase 2 from Bantud to Tambisaan in Manocmanoc and Station 1 to CityMall in Balabag are not being consistent with phase 1's interlocking paving block design and instead, it was a Stamped Concrete design.

Stamped concrete is an ever-growing popular choice since it can be made to mimic higher-end materials such as brick and stone pavers.

But stamped concrete is slippery when wet, which poses a threat to the safety of the pedestrian especially when it is raining.

From the 3.3 km of the sidewalks on phase 2 project, 2.8 km are stamped concrete and only 0.5 km are interlocking paving blocks.

DPWH Assistant Regional Director Al Fruto explains in an interview with Jonathan "Idol" Cabrera of Radyo Todo yesterday that using "Stamped concrete is a part of the brainstorming with the IATF's Pedestrialization of wider sidewalks and that stamped concrete was part of the project plan. It was plan as that". He said.

Fruto explains that there has been a cumbersome delivery of paving blocks and the spaces between blocks need sand cushion which requires more maintenance. Besides, they also considered the PWD's on wheelchairs, that It is a lot better and easier transition for them using a stamped concrete compared to the interlocking paving blocks.

They look almost the same, as they will serve the same purpose. Stamped concrete can also optimize the space used for sidewalks and lower the budget cost. In the issue of water absorption, the collector drain was placed at the back where the water will flow or drain. Fruto said.

In the interview, Cabrera asks what happens if using the stamped concrete has more disadvantages compare to interlocking paving blocks? Will the contractor replaced it with paving blocks?

Fruto answered that they will first take note of the manifested defects and deficiencies, will conduct onsite inspections, and will walk the line to validate these sections.

Although the project has been turned over and the certificate of completion has been issued, the contractor still has 1 year liability period to rectify and address the issues. Before we can issue the certificate of acceptance. Fruto said.

Last December, phases 1 and 2 of the project is completed. Where 8.73 kilometers, a portion of Boracay Circumferential Road Project of the Department of Public Works and Highways was improved and fixed.

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