Dilapidated Roads on Brgy. Manocmanoc will not be Neglected - DPWH

Dilapidated Roads on Brgy. Manocmanoc will not be Neglected - DPWH

BORACAY, Malay–Eng. Al Fruto, the DPWH assistant regional director for Western Visayas in an interview with Jonathan "Idol" Cabrera of Radyo Todo, said that part of the strategy of the DPWH is the concrete project of the Manocmanoc road from Tambisaan to the Cagban Jetty port.

After the inauguration, of Phase 1 and Phase 2 last year, December 4, the DPWH is now ready to start Phase 3.

An integral part of the Boracay's circumferential is the road from Cagban, to Bulabog 24/7, and the wetland 6. This will form a loop. It will make up to at least 12 kilometers of improved road construction once finished.

Since the funds had been successfully transferred, the phase 3 project is ready to be implemented this February. The earliest is the latter part of February, and the latest is in the middle of March.

An allotted budget of P140-million has already been bid out and has passed the post-qualification.

The project is said to be completed within a span of 12 to 14 months. The DPWH will be able to complete the remaining sections from phase 1 and phase 2 should they optimize the amount needed. Focusing more on the pre-fabrication of the materials that will be installed for a better and efficient road.

Fruto added that they will try their best and at the same time avoid rushing the process.

He assured that they have the experience to manage the construction of building the road projects and subsequent projects of the DPWH, especially to an island.

The construction of these roads will improve the mobility of travelers. Before, there was only one way to Cagban Port, but the DPWH is planning to establish a two-way route from Cagban to the rotunda, decreasing much of the travel time. Another option would be to connect the Manoc Manoc road to the road of the Cagban port.

Furthermore, Fruto added that he is grateful for the opportunity to bring Boracay back to its glory. That there are still plenty of things that are needed to be done and it is not yet finished. People will be updated on the works of the DPWH, on their current projects, and the future ones.

"We can see that we need the whole government, that the DPWH can't do this alone, but let us all help each other, both the public and private partnership, line agencies, and everyone else in the island, " Fruto said.

He asks for everyone to have the consideration and to support the project for it is to be successful. To make that dream a reality, to see a better Boracay in the future.

Since the start of the island rehabilitation the poor condition of roads in the Brgy. Manocmanoc proper area has not been repaired. The inconvenience and discomfort bumpy rides has been a daily hassle for motorists. Several roads continue to remain in disrepair.

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