Lawmakers conduct ocular inspection of treatment facilities in Boracay

Lawmakers conduct ocular inspection of treatment facilities in Boracay

Members of the House Committee on Natural Resources conducted an ocular inspection of the two water utilities in the island Wednesday.
Rep. Arnel Ty, chairperson of the said committee, this is still part of the house inquiry on Boracay issues.

The lawmakers visited the existing sewage treatment facility (STP) of Boracay Island Water Company in Manocmanoc followed by a meeting with the Boracay Task Force.

The group also visited the facility of Boracay Tubi in Manocmanoc, particularly its STP which is under construction.

Meanwhile, Ty said they are now finalizing the draft bill to create a Boracay management authority that will supervise the island.

According to Ty, the management authority will be composed of representatives from different sectors including national agencies, LGU, private sectors, and NGOs, among others.

Boracay, being a big contributor’s to country’s economy should not be entrusted alone to the local government, he said.

“We will not allow this (the management of the island) solely to the local government unit. The reason why we have this problem is because of the building permits, the ECC (environment compliance certificates) that has been issued,” he said.

Ty said the bill be filed when the session resumes on July 23.

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