Local (Aklanon) Stranded Workers in Boracay started returning to their homes

Local (Aklanon) Stranded Workers in Boracay started returning to their homes

Malay, Aklan – On the 25th of April, several workers finally returned to their home town in Numancia. In addition to this, 14 workers from Balete was also able to come home yesterday.

Since the lockdown was established, many workers lost their jobs and got stranded in Malay. According to acting Municipal Mayor Frolibar Bautista. For those who wish to go home, they only need to follow certain protocols and must cooperate with the local government and the Public Employment Service Office (PESO). Since the PESO was the one who was assigned to process on how workers can return home.

Workers also need to have a medical certificate from the Municipal Health Office (MHO) of Malay and to have it sent to the barangay where the said employee is residing.

Then the Barangay will have to issue a certificate stating that the said employee/employees has been approved to go home to their resident.

More than a month has already passed since the implementation of the Enhance Community Quarantine in the province, wherein at least 1000 workers still stranded in Malay.

Up to date, different towns and provinces are cooperating with the LGU of Malay to help the stranded workers return to their homes.

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