Ocean Clean Up Drive in Boracay Island

Ocean Clean Up Drive in Boracay Island

The Local Government Unit of Malay held an ocean clean-up drive last April 19, 2022, at Barangay Manocmanoc, where divers, lifeguards, and other organizations came together to help preserve the ocean.

The MDRRMO Lifeguards, PNP Maritime, together with the certified scuba divers of Boracay Business Administrator of Scuba Shops, conducted the clean-up drive at Station 3, Angol, Barangay Manocmanoc, Malay, Aklan.

The activity started at around 7:00 AM, and the dive (Total Bottom Time) lasted 30 – 40 minutes at a depth of up to 6 meters.

Most of the garbage that the divers collected was plastics, bottles, soda cans, and utensils. There was other more trash that was recovered in the oceans. The activity ended at about 8:00 AM on the same date with a fruitful result.

The LGU of Malay said on its Facebook page that the Ocean Clean drive aims to “bring environmental awareness and protection and reaffirm people’s commitment and shared responsibility in carrying resilient and tourism sustainability and giving back love to Boracay.”

As pandemic restrictions in the country further eased, more domestic and foreign tourists flocked to the famous Boracay Island. As such, to preserve the beauty of the Island, travelers should not neglect to be responsible and help keep Boracay safe and clean.

Photo by: Malay LGU Facebook page

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