The BIARMG assured that the presence of algae in Boracay Island is a natural phenomenon

The BIARMG assured that the presence of algae in Boracay Island is a natural phenomenon

Summer is fast approaching, as such, travelers will most certainly visit the famous Boracay Island, one of the most beloved tourist destinations in the country. But it is also the time of the year when algae are in full bloom, and here's the fact, it's a natural phenomenon.

Recently, there have been news articles and pictures circulating on different social media platforms saying the waters of Boracay are unclean and unsafe for swimming due to the algae. However, according to the Boracay Inter-Agency Rehabilitation Management Group (BIARMG), that information is false.

In a press release of Better Boracay, a Facebook page, the BIARMG regularly conducted water quality testing in strategic stations around Boracay Island through the DENR-EMB Region 6.

The Water Quality Standards for swimming are at 100mpn/100ml, and Boracay Island exceeds this expectation as the fecal coliform level in the front beach is 8mpn/100ml in January 2022 and 11mpn/100ml in February 2022 based on the official water quality report; this indicates that the waters of Boracay are safe and clean for swimming.

BIARMG General Manager Martin Jose Despi assured that algae are simply a natural phenomenon that occurs yearly during the summertime in different areas of Boracay. It is also non-toxic, so tourists shouldn't worry.

Furthermore, in the past two weeks, the volume of algae has significantly naturally subsided.

The presence of algae can also be seen in Carabao Island, a remote and commercially undeveloped island near Boracay, as observed by the BIARMG.

The BIARMG is steadfast in its mandate to provide accurate information to the public.

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