The LabX antigen test with results available in 15 minutes sounds exactly what Boracay Island needs

The LabX antigen test with results available in 15 minutes sounds exactly what Boracay Island needs

MALAY, Aklan–With results available in 15 minutes and at a more reasonable cost, a new generation antigen test sounds exactly what Boracay Island needs and wants, but more in-depth study is needed before any decision can be formulated.

This was the reaction of the Sanggunian Bayan of Malay, Aklan, to the LabX antigen test as presented by LabX Corporation chief operating officer Norman Bungubung on February 4, 2021.

While also using direct nasal swabbing, the said test, however, is faster and cheaper at only P2,300. Tourists may be tested right at the Caticlan port terminal while tourism workers, including boatmen, and residents on the island may get tested onsite.

“This is a highly sensitive and reliable test,” said Bungubung, “and the health visa certificate issued to the traveler cannot be counterfeited: it is made in Germany with a unique LabX stamp as a security feature.”

Boracay has of late been plagued with travelers who present fake COVID-19 test results in a bid to circumvent costly health protocols.

“With a safe and secure (Boracay) island, revitalizing tourism and reopening the economy become doable,” Bungubung postulated.

LabX is a Philippine leader in the distribution of accessible and affordable diagnostic solutions, focusing on testing for the SARS-COV-2 virus. Its antigen test, LabX’s Fina AG, is made by Lansion Biotechnology Co. Ltd. and comes with outstanding credentials, including passing the high standards of the Swiss Society of Microbiology, a professional independent association of Swiss microbiologists, and the Philippine Food and Drug Administration. The diagnostic kits themselves were granted the European Parliament seal of approval recently.

Lansion is also listed under the Foundation for Innovative New Diagnostics (FIND), a partner of the World Health Organization responsible for diagnostic technology evaluation.

To detect the COVID-19 virus, LabX uses Dry Fluorescence Immunoassay machines with laser analyzers.

It is reportedly 96 percent sensitive and 98 percent specific.

Bungubung said the LabX antigen test is what is used by the House of Representatives, Philippine Basketball Association, Philippine Airlines, and a number of local government units in Baguio, Bicol, and Northern Luzon./(Boy Ryan Zabal/INews-Aklan/Boracay Bureau)

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