The Return of The Algal Bloom in Boracay

The Return of The Algal Bloom in Boracay

Boracay Island – Two years ago (April 2018), before the closure of the island of Boracay, the occurrence of unnatural massive algal bloom caught the attention of many tourists because of the discoloration of the sea waters that leaves a residue on the skin of swimmers. According to the DENR, untreated wastewater from informal settlers and business establishments that don’t have waste treatment facilities had triggered the massive growth of algae.

After the rehabilitation of Boracay and now, the implementation of the enhanced community quarantine which led to no tourists arrival in the island. A question comes to mind, “Why is there still algal bloom?”

According to the Ati, the Boracay’s tribal group, the appearance of algae bloom is an indication that the summer season is coming. The algae multiply rapidly because it thrives in sunlight. This has been a natural phenomenon, since, it is a response to changes in temperature, light, rainfall, or changes in limiting nutrients.

Nature has a way of balancing itself. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), algal blooms can be a good indicator of environmental change not only in the water but also on the land.

The island is resting and continuously restoring its natural beauty.

Soon this pandemic crisis will be over. Travel restrictions will be lifted.
See you soon in Boracay!

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