Tourist coming from Boracay, Came Back COVID-19 Positive

Tourist coming from Boracay, Came Back COVID-19 Positive

BORACAY, Malay–A tourist coming from vacation on the island of Boracay came back COVID-19 positive upon arrival in Manila.

According to an interview with Mayor Frolibar Bautista, the said tourist came in physical contact with a person positive with COVID-19, which currently case no. 61.

On the other hand, Jayson Talapian the Barangay Captain of Balabag Boracay said, that the virus probably proliferated furthermore due to the fact that the tourist went out to meet up with partygoers on the island.

There are currently 25 active Covid-19 cases at Barangay Balabag. The majority of them are working at bars and restaurants.

And they were quickly sent out of the island and is brought to a quarantine facility in Kalibo.

Yesterday, March 29, the LGU of Malay issued a notice that states the temporarily suspensions all live shows, bands, and other live entertainment on restaurants and food parks in the island.

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