Updated requirements needed to enter Boracay Island as of September 2021

Updated requirements needed to enter Boracay Island as of September 2021

As traveling is already allowed in some parts of the Philippines. Here is the updated list of requirements you will need to prepare for your vacation in Boracay.

Safe travels!


First and foremost is a negative RT PCR test result from accredited laboratories. The tests are valid only for 72 hours starting from the extraction date up to your travel date. Only the RT-PCR tests such as the swab and saliva tests are accepted, other types of COVID-19 tests, like the antigen tests, are not.

Take note that Aklan tourists are exempted from the RT PCR test

Where to get RT PCR Test

You can take your saliva test from PH Red Cross and Swab (Oro-Nasopharyngeal) test from accredited DOH swabbing centers.

Who is required to do the RT-PCR testing

Everyone is required to have a negative RT-PCR test result, with the exception of children two years old and below, but a letter of request for consideration and a birth certificate is required as an attachment when submitting your form to [email protected].


Kindly acquire your confirmation booking from your chosen hotel included in the list of DOT accredited Accommodation Establishments.

You can find the list of accredited establishments here (UPDATED) 2021 Complete list, Easy to read, Alphabetical order, DOT-Accredited Accommodation Establishments in Boracay


You must have proof of identification with the Philippine residency.

If you are a Filipino Citizen with a foreign partner, then an Alien Certificate of Registration Identity Card (Alien ID) or a Barangay ID is required. Having a Barangay Certification will not be accepted.

Next would be your OHDC-QR, which is necessary to acquire before your flight. And you can fill-up the form through HTTP://touristboracay.com/

Your roundtrip flight/travel details are also required.

Take note that the Kalibo Airport is not catering to tourist travelers. According to the Executive Order from the IATF-EID Resolution 74 series of 220, only the Godofredo P. Ramos Airport (Caticlan Airport) is allowed to cater to tourists. Meanwhile, the Kalibo International Airport is reserve mainly for the APOR's, LSI's, and ROF's

Lastly, an S-Pass, which you can acquire through https://s-pass.ph/

Fees upon the arrival at the Jetty port

Tourists are also required to pay the Environmental, Terminal, and Boat fees.

Take note that children under 12 years of age are exempted from paying the environmental fee, and children five and below are also exempted from the terminal fee.

The rate for environmental fees is P150.00 for local tourists. A discounted fee will be given to PWD, Senior Citizens, and Students for P120.00.

The terminal fee cost P100.00, while the boat ticket fare is Php 40.00 for the day navigation rate and P50.00 for the night navigation rate.

Who is allowed to enter

Based on the National IATF Resolution 136-F, there are no age restrictions when traveling to Boracay. Everyone is allowed for leisure travel, except for people with co-morbidities.

As for pregnant women, please consult your OB-Gyne to determine whether it is safe for you to travel. After acquiring the doctor's approval, please include it alongside other travel requirements and send it to [email protected].

Aklanon workers who are residents outside of Aklan are not allowed to use their Aklanon workers' ID to enter Boracay as tourists, instead, they are required to still undergo an RT PCR test, where their main address is based on the Place of Origin Residency.

For those who are vaccinated

The province of Aklan and the Island of Boracay have not yet received any guidelines for the application of the IATF Resolution 124-B. With this, the RT-PCR test is still a requirement for those who were already vaccinated.

Currently, the Municipality of Malay is waiting for the issue of a unified ID for fully vaccinated individuals.

Traveling with Pets

If you decided to bring your furry companion with you, please be reminded that they are required to have a health certification from your Vet, a vaccination card(Anti-rabies), and a shipping permit from the port of Entry.

Side tripping is not allowed

For APOR from outside of Aklan whose main purpose is to visit the other municipality of Aklan, like Kalibo, are not allowed to enter Boracay as tourists. Though, they can still enter the island, provided that they comply with the requirements needed for APOR, such as a Mayor's approval, Negative RT-PCR, Company ID, and a Travel Pass.

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