[Updated] Dilapidated Road Construction in Boracay

[Updated] Dilapidated Road Construction in Boracay

BORACAY, Malay–The construction of the dilapidated road in Barangay Manocmanoc was already started last February 21 a notice was issued, to finally proceed with the road construction.

In an interview with Jonathan "Idol" Cabrera of Radyo Todo to Engr. Al Fruto, DPWH assistant regional director for Western Visayas. He stated that they have already concreted 81 meters of the right side road, with an addition of 300 meters of finished pipe holders that will hold the drainage system.

Fruto said, base on experience on the last two phases, it is more efficient if the drainage component would be done first followed by concreting and other finishing features of the road.

The project is said to be completed for a year or 344 calendar days. Fruto said, that the road construction will be finished in the first month of the year 2022.

Boracay road contruction photo

Fruto noted that the road currently being constructed can be closed down to all public and private transportation.  Thus, avoiding any accidents from occurring to the residents and for the project to go on full-swing. There will be a proposed alternative route for the residents to take.

Furthermore, he added that they will request permission to use the finished road from phase 1, especially from the Cagban Road to the Rotunda. Due to the fact that the implementation of the project will significantly be faster and more productive, as well as a safer option for the residents.

Boracay road contruction photo 2

After the holy week, the office will discuss and request the management group and the Municipality of Malay regarding the establishment of a possible alternative route.

On the other hand, Fruto clarified that the road on Bulabog from Quick Mart up to the PTA is a project under the TIEZA. Where the drainage line pipes and an estimated about 140 meters of concrete are finished.

He added, that the DPWH is glad to announce that there are currently three projects that the office is working on for this year 2021. The budget worth about Php 140 million for the construction of the Manoc Manoc road and another Php 50 million and Php 47 million was released directly under the Aklan District Engineering Office.

In addition to the DPWH finishing the TIEZA project, they will also work on the construction of a boardwalk to the Ati Village, which will then complete the circumferential road of Boracay Island.

The DPWH aims for the projects to improve the mobility, access, and pedestrianization of the roads of the famous Island Resort Boracay.

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