Hotels Industry asks the Government to Loosen Restrictions for Events like weddings and more

Hotels Industry asks the Government to Loosen Restrictions for Events like weddings and more

To make up for the weak rates, the hotel industry professionals are requesting the government to lessen the restrictions required when holding events such as weddings and more.

According to the Organization of Hotels Sales and Marketing Association (HSMA), establishments such as hotels needs additional revenue source to surpass this lockdown.

“Occupancy percentage levels may be high for some hotels but this should not be construed as a (positive) situation. Rates extended to this market segment (are) way below the usual rate — some almost just break even,” the group said in a letter to the Tourism Department.

"Total revenue generated may just be enough to sustain operating costs of the hotels and pay the salaries of our employees,” the group said.

Currently, the hotels' restaurants and other venues are allowed to operate and host events, subject to the restrictions placed by the government. Except for the hotels that are used as quarantine facilities or used for standalone event venues. Though, hotels are only limited to 30% capacity for activities, like workshops, seminars, and trade shows.

Hotel businesses are suffering from a huge amount of losses because of the quarantine lockdowns. The most recent casualty is the Makati Shangri-La Hotel, which announced a temporary shutdown beginning this February.

The Hotel Sales and Marketing Association came up with health and safety guidelines for the facilitating of staging more events, which includes the segregation of the guest in quarantine accommodations and event guests. Both have separate access from public areas such as elevators and entrances.

Furthermore, the HSMA assured that these venues have large enough space that allows the social distancing of the guests.

The World Health Organization (WHO) announced certain guidelines last year that the organizers of small public gathering should take in mind. One of which is the briefing of guests about the precautionary measures, choosing outdoor spaces whenever possible, minimizing crowds by staging arrivals, and last but not the least is providing the guests and staff hygiene supplies.

“Cancelling a planned event is an option that should always be considered, especially in case of non-essential events or when precautions cannot be implemented or adequately communicated,” WHO said.

Source: Business World

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