60 countries that has been detected with UK Coronavirus Strain - WHO

60 countries that has been detected with UK Coronavirus Strain - WHO

According to the World Health Organization said Wednesday, the UK Coronavirus Strain has been detected across at least 60 countries, ten more than a week ago.

Recently John Hopkins University revealed the Global Covid-19 Tally has over 96,906,712 cases, 2,075,902 deaths, and 53,386,170 recoveries.

Countries across the world are struggling with how to slow infections, as the new variants of the virus are causing deep concern until vaccines become widely available.

In the weekly update of WHO, the South African strain, which like the UK strain, is believed to be more infectious, has been reported in over 23 countries and territories.

It added the number of new deaths which, climbed to a record high of 93,000 over the previous seven days, with 4.7 million new cases reported over the same period.

The US and Europe had brought hope that the end of the pandemic was in sight upon the arrival of mass vaccination campaigns. The European Union said before the end of August, it was aiming to inoculate 70 percent of its adult population.

However, many EU countries -- and other nations such as India and Russia -- are struggling to get their inoculation programs off the ground.

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