Faster, Cheaper Saliva Test Approved by DOH for people to travel

Faster, Cheaper Saliva Test Approved by DOH for people to travel

As the country is slowly reopening the economy, the saliva tests can be used to encourage people to travel in safer terms.

According to the Philippine Red Cross, it is a much faster and cheaper procedure than the swab test for the samples does not need to be stored and sent to a cold facility.

It is important to increase the testing rate to stop the spreading of the virus. Determining who is infected so that they may be isolated as quickly as possible and to help them.

"The formula prevents it, detect it, isolate it, treat and reintegrate them to their community," Richard Gordon, Ph Senator, and Red Cross Chairman.

Furthermore, the DOH has approved the use of Saliva testing when boarding on planes.

Filipinos traveling abroad or locally can use the saliva test as oppose to the swab test.

"Pinayagan na 'yan ng DOH (Department of Health), pati sa airport payag na lahat d'yan. May PCR 'yan, hindi nawala ang PCR. We cannot do it without the PCR. Otherwise you’ll have bad results," he told ANC's Headstart.

As there had been cases in Boracay and many other tourist destinations in the country, the saliva test can help many travelers to speed up their COVID-19 test. So it can be detected and isolated immediately.

• It's a 'non-invasive and less stringent' alternative to the swab test
• Processing time takes 3-4 hours
• It's cheaper as it uses less equipment and reagent
• Costs roughly PHP 2,000, less if the demand is higher

There is little difference when using either the swab test or the saliva test.

"It’s almost equally accurate as the gold standard. (RT-)PCR is still the gold standard, that’s why we’re not letting it go. In our test, we had about 99 percent (accuracy) sa (RT-)PCR, 98 percent sa saliva." Gordon said.

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