Revised Protocols for Filipinos arriving to the Philippines - PAL

Revised Protocols for Filipinos arriving to the Philippines - PAL

Philippine Airlines (PAL) stated the new protocols of testing and quarantine of people arriving in the Philippines,  implemented by the Inter-Agency Task Force on the Management of Emerging and Infectious Diseases (IATF-EID).

Effective January 23, 2021. The revised protocol includes the option to avail of a secondary swab test on the fifth day of quarantine. This is for passengers coming from countries that are included in the travel banned list arriving in the Philippines.

Depending on their traveler type and port of entry, they are required to register on the Case Investigation Forms.

“Effective January 23 and onwards, RT-PCR testing for passengers on their fifth day of quarantine in stringent quarantine hotels will be rolled out,” PAL said.

PAL stated that “When passengers swabbed under the PAL One Stop Shop (OSS) receive a negative test, they shall receive an email providing them the option to either avail of a second swab test by PAL testing partner Detoxicare Molecular and Diagnostics Laboratory on the fifth day of quarantine or to continue their quarantine stay up to the 14th day.”

“Passengers who choose to avail of the second swab test by Detoxicare will register on the email,” it said.

“They may pre-pay online or onsite. The pre-payment link is included in the e-mail,” it added.

According to PAL, OFWs that are arriving in Manila will not be charged by the second swab testing that will be carried out by the PAL One Stop Shop.

But for the non- OFWs and Eligible Non-Filipino arriving in Manila, they will be charged a fee of P4,000  for the second swab testing.

Afterward, these passengers will then be moved to their quarantine facilities or hotels.

According to the airline, passengers who took the second swab test after the 5th-day quarantine will have to wait for their results and stay at their facility or hotels.

Furthermore, PAL said that, after confirming that their test is negative, they must register on the DOH-BOQ Certificate Page to receive their quarantine and medical certificate. Presenting these certificates and test results will their clearance to check out from their hotel or facilities.

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