A traveler from US was arrested for breaching quarantine rules, skipped isolation to get a massage

A traveler from US was arrested for breaching quarantine rules, skipped isolation to get a massage

There has been another quarantine breach in the country, it was another returning Filipina from the United States, wherein she skipped quarantine and even posted about getting a massage.

Tourism Secretary Bernadette Romulo-Puyat said an informant who knows the passenger reported the incident and gave a sworn affidavit about the quarantine breach.

"Somebody gave the name even gave pictures that on the day she arrived she even got a massage, as in she was even posting it on her Instagram stories. She was very proud that she was skipping quarantine," Puyat said partly in Filipino in an interview with CNN Philippines' "The Source."

She also said that the violator was already caught.

According to Puyat, the returning Filipina went straight to her condominium when she arrived in the Philippines.

She added that the arrested passenger said she checked into a hotel, but a report showed that she never checked in for quarantine.

"She didn't even check in a hotel. She just said that she checked in this hotel, but it showed that she didn't even check in a hotel," Puyat said.

The details about the returning Filipina were submitted to the Bureau of Quarantine and the Department of Interior and Local Government, the Tourism Chief said in a televised interview.

"I leave it up to them," she said.

More reports of quarantine breach have been raised with the DOT after the first reported incident of a returning Filipino woman from the US who attended a party in Poblacion, Makati City when she was supposed to be in isolation.

She was identified as Gwyneth Anne Chua, it's reported that she was able to skip isolation at a hotel in Makati to party and then eventually tested positive for COVID-19.

Berjaya Makati Hotel, the hotel under probe for the quarantine breach, apologized "for failing to stop the guest from jumping her quarantine."

Under the IATF's quarantine rules, passengers who arrived from countries under the Yellow list are required to undergo facility-based quarantine with an RT-PCR test taken on the fifth day, with the date of arrival being the first day.

The US is included in the country's yellow list.

"Regardless of a negative result, they shall be required to undergo home quarantine up to the 14th day from the date of arrival," the Department of Health said.


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