Filipinos were without jobs are fewer in the fourth quarter of 2020 - SWS

Filipinos were without jobs are fewer in the fourth quarter of 2020 - SWS

Manila - According to the survey conducted by the Social Weather Stations, there were fewer Filipinos without jobs in the fourth quarter of 2020.

About 27.3 percent of the adult labor force is found to be jobless. Or 12.7 million Filipinos were without jobs in the fourth quarter based on its survey Nov. 21-25 last year. Fewer than by 12 points from the 39.5 % in September of 2020.

Adult force labor as defined by the SWS are adults 18 and above presently with a job plus those looking for a job. The resulting joblessness rate sets a record high last July 2020, where it stands at an average of 37.4%.

It was in Visayas and Mindanao where most of the 12 point decline came from. A major decrease of 33 points in the Visayas, 23 points in Mindanao, 2 points in Metro Manila, and 1 point in Balance Luzon.

It fell sharply in the Visayas from 52.0% in September to 19.1% in November 2020. In Mindanao, 40% last September to 17.0% in November 2020. Meanwhile in Luzon, from 33.5% to 32.7%, and Metro Manila from 39.9% to 37.8%.

In addition, it was found that 44% of adults say that their quality of life will improve, 36% say that it will stay the same and 9% say that it will worsen in the next 12 months.

Furthermore, based on the survey, those who are jobless are more optimistic that their lives will improve for the next 12 months than those with jobs/livelihood.

"Among total adults in the labor force, 45% are Optimist and 9% are Pessimist, giving a very high +36 Net Optimism score," says SWS.

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