Makati Hotel suspended, fined for letting "Poblacion Girl" breach protocols

Makati Hotel suspended, fined for letting "Poblacion Girl" breach protocols

The Makati Hotel that failed to stop a guest from breaching quarantine protocols got its permit as a Multiple-Use Hotel, revoked and its accreditation suspended by the Department of Tourism (DOT).

Upon her arrival, the quarantine violator, a returning Filipino Gwyneth Chua, left the hotel 15 minutes after checking in on Dec. 22, 2021, based on the CCTV footage.

None of the hotel security personnel nor the front lobby called her attention, and neither was there any effort to report the incident to the Bureau of Quarantine (BOQ).

Social media identify her as the "Poblacion Girl," since she went to a bar party at Poblacion Makati when she was supposed to be in the quarantine hotel.

When she returned to the hotel after three days, she underwent an  RT-PCR test on Dec. 26, and then she tested positive the next day.

Chua's actions lead to others being positive of Covid-19.

The Berjaya Hotel Makati was also fined equivalent to twice the rack rate of its most expensive room. The Department's Tourism Regulation, Coordination, and Resource Generation approved the penalties recommended by the DOT- National Capital Region.

A copy of the decision was served to Berjaya Hotel, which has 15 working days to appeal the said decision.

In their letter dated Dec. 29, 2021, Berjaya even gave the assurance that quarantined guests 'follow strict protocols.' However, Hotel Berjaya later apologized in news reports and social media for their failure to report the "quarantine skipping incident" to the BOQ.

The statements made by the hotel management and its public apology were "an admission of not just the facts of the incident but as well as their lapses in their responsibility as an accredited establishment of the Department of Tourism."

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