Rising jobs in the Philippines 2021 according to LinkedIn

Rising jobs in the Philippines 2021 according to LinkedIn

Pandemic has limited the livelihoods of many Filipinos. This led the traditional jobs in the Philippines to lean more toward digital operations as a way to minimize the risk of going out of their homes.

To find better opportunities, many are required to master basic technology skills. Such skills include knowledge in using different communications tools, aware of many social media platforms, and know the basic use of office software. As there is a massive growth in digital lending, education, and health technology services, certain abilities are needed to level-up.

Digital Content Specialist raised to the top. With roles such as editor, copywriter, podcaster, Youtuber, and Video Editor. Next is Finance & Insurance, roles include, financial advisor, accountant, financial planner, finance specialist, insurance agent.

Below is the complete list based on the data collected by LinkedIn last April to October 2020. Composed of industries that have seen the highest growth rates in hiring.

 Categories  Specific roles  Skills
 Digital Content Specialist Editor
Video Editor


Public Speaking
Video Editing
Adobe Premiere Pro
Creative Writing
 Finance & Insurance Financial Advisor
Financial Planner
Finance Specialist
Insurance Agent
Financial Planning
Risk Management
Financial Analysis
 Education  English Second Language
Chinese Teacher
Academie Tutor
Information Technology
Mathematics Tutor
Educational Leadership
Curriculum Development
Language Teaching
English as a Second Language (ESL)
 Digital Marketing Specialists  Social Media Manager
Digital Marketing Specialist
Social Media Marketing Specialist
Marketing Specialist
Marketing Analyst
Social Media Marketing
Google Analytics
Lead Generation
Digital Marketing  
 E-commerce Online Specialist
E-commerce Coordinator
Online Marketing
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Amazon Seller Central
 Business Development and Sales Sales Specialist
Account Manager
Account Executive
Business Development Specialist
Account Management
Business Development
Business Planning
Lead Generation
 Healthcare and Medical Support Medical Technologist
Pharmacy Assistant
Healthcare Assistant
Medical Officer
Medical Specialist
Medical Assisting
Medical Education
Clinical Research
 Customer Service Roles   Customer Service Executive
Customer Experience Manager
Customer Support Specialist
Contact Center Specialist
Customer Service Team Lead
 Contact Centers
Customer Service
Customer Experience
Customer Support
Team Leadership
Technical Support
 Supply Chain  Distributor
Logistics Supervisor
Operational Specialist
Logistics Manager
Head Of Supply Chain Management
Operations Management
Supply Chain Management
Warehouse Operations
Logistics Management
Inventory Management

A survey conducted by the Social Weather Stations said that there are now fewer Filipinos without jobs. An improvement from last year with an average of 37.4% rate of joblessness.

The rapid rate of digitalization has opened new doors in e-commerce and the supply chain. These trends on a steady rise led several businesses to shift to the use of digital technologies, resulting in various new emerging jobs.

"COVID-19 accelerated the adoption of digital platforms in the region. Technology has allowed people to work, stay connected to their loved ones and fulfil their daily needs like groceries, from the comfort of their own home. In fact, 1 in 3 of digital service consumers in Southeast Asia were new to the service. And more importantly, 94% of these new digital users are likely to stick with the service moving forward. As a result, we expect that the demand for workers with tech skills will remain, from specialised engineers, to cyber security talent and data analysts," as LinkedIn stated in the report.

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