The required documents needed for Social Amelioration Program

The required documents needed for Social Amelioration Program

The table below shows the following specific documentary requirements to avail the Social Amelioration Programs.

Senior Citizens
Senior Citizen’s ID
Persons With DisabilityPersons with disability ID; or
Certificate of Separation from or Suspension of Work
Pregnant Women/Lactating WomenValid ID;
Certification from RHU; or
Birth Certificate of Child, if available
Solo ParentsSolo Parent’s ID; or
Certificate of Employment/
Separation from or Suspension of Work
Overseas Filipinos In DistressValid Passport Bio Page; and Copy of any of the following:
1. Passport arrival stamp;
2. Proof of departure ticket;
3. Overseas Employment Certificate;
4. Employment Contract; or
5. Any other documents to prove that they were repatriated or
banned from traveling outside the Philippines within the prescribed period.
Underprivileged Sector And Homeless Families,
Indigent Indigenous Peoples, And
Other Vulnerable Groups
As applicable: Certification from Barangay
(proving that they are homeless families or belonging
to other vulnerable groups) or from the CSWDO/
MSWDO/PSWDO where they are currently located.

As applicable: Certification from the NCIP or the tribal
chieftain/council of elders that the beneficiaries are
Indigenous Peoples (IPs) and are on subsistence economy
Workers in the Informal Sector/Self-Employed“As applicable : Driver’s License; TODA ID; or
Certification of membership from the Organization/ Association; or
Certificate of Public Convenience (CPC); or
Certification from the Barangay/ Municipality, for TODA only.”

Employment ID; or Kasambahay ID; or
Certificate of Employment/Separation from or
Suspension of Work from the employer;

Proof of business; Any other document showing employment/
occupation/enterprise; or Barangay Clearance
EmployersEstablishment Report; and Company Payroll
Rice FarmersRSBSA Enrollment Stub (for Cash Assistance)
Notice of Cash Grant (for Cash Assistance Loan Application (for SURE Aid)
Any one (1) government-issued ID with picture
Duly accomplished simplified Promissory Note (PN)
For Service-Conduit BorrowerPre-Release:
Loan Application
List of Eligible Rice Farmers
Board Resolution for financial assistance and designating
at least two (2) authorized signatories to execute loan
documents with identified GFI
Standard PN
Authority to Debit Deposit Account

Post Release:
Liquidation report on the loans disbursed prior to next loan availment
Deed of Assignment of Sub-PNs

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