Upcoming virtual career fair, more than 55,000 jobs will be made available

Upcoming virtual career fair, more than 55,000 jobs will be made available

In the upcoming virtual career fair, more than 55,000 jobs will be made available by more than 120 hirers happening on February 17 to 21.

Some of the jobs available are IT software specialists, digital marketers, sales executives, system analysts, customer service representatives, financial consultants, ESL teachers, accountants, engineers, IT developers, HR staff, and HR managers.

Those who are interested can also apply for office administrators, dispatchers, merchandisers, warehouse staff, quality assurance staff, and more.

Among the hiring companies include BDO, Mercedez Benz Group, LBC Express, Yamaha Philippines, Universal Robina Corporation, Aboitiz Construction, Converge, 51 Talk, Accenture, TaskUs, Nestle, and many more.

Jobstreet Philippines’ country manager Philip Gioca said that the most in-demand jobs at the moment are those that provide an option to work from home such as BPOs, sales and marketing, says Gioca.

“The jobs are so varied, very different from the jobs that we saw before, which gives applicants more options,” he says.

He also notes the numerous opportunities for freelancers, project-based employment, and part-timers.

Over the last 10 months, because of the implementation of quarantines and restrictions, the tourism, hotel, food and beverage industries struggled to stay afloat. But the Jobstreet Chief says companies are already preparing for the summer season, and are already starting to hire/rehire manpower.

“It’s not full capacity still, but businesses are starting to move in those industries.”

There is continued availability of jobs in the maritime industry as well as in the digital sector, Gioca says.

There has been changes in terms of scope of work and organizational structure to better adapt to the new normal, Gioca says. Majority of the pay ranges have remained the same for entry level positions. But for top-tier positions, some job offerings have lowered their salary bands.

“This is the way [companies] play sustainability,” he continued.

Gioca said he is confident that the numbers of available jobs in the country will continue to increase in the next six months, and that we can reach our pre-pandemic level by the end of June this year.

He added that the increase in job hiring shows a good sign that the labor force is slowly adapting to the new normal. He also attributed the increase in job hiring to the optimism of employers who believe better quarantine measures would be implemented by March.

The job portal’s senior sales manager, Ryan Tordesillas shared the practical features of the virtual job fair. There will be a chatbot that facilitates pre-screening of potential candidates and also a live chat control platform that allows hirers to have direct conversations with multiple candidates. There will also be on-the-spot interviews with HR representatives from participating employers.

Candidates could also access JobStreet Facebook Live events where relevant labor matters will be discussed. The Virtual Career Fair is now open for pre-registration through http://bit.ly/JobStreetVCF.

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