Dear Mayor Bautista

Dear Mayor Bautista

I have a favorite book which bears the title “Rudy’s Insights”. The book is about winning. I would like to share some beautiful portions of it with Mayor Fromy Bautista as inspired by the movie “Rudy”.

Believe you me, how I love you to win the war. I mean the different wars on Boracay, including the war on perception because right now it doesn’t really sound good.

Let’s take for example your bootlicker, aka PIO, in the person of Mr. Gilbroun Quinicio Sr., who, announced this afternoon through a post the following:

A campaign for a culture of discipline is working now in boracay…those hypocrites are the one (sic) who doesnt want that boracay will be a disciplined zone…showing their undiciplined (sic) notion to the campaign…when the national government says that Boracay air is polluted…they blamed the trikes and delapidated (sic) four wheels for emitting air pollutants…now that we are at the berge (sic) of illiminating (sic) the pollutants…they say that trikes is (sic) badly needed for the ease of the commuters..Sala sa Init sala sa Lamig…

I believe, as mayor of Malay, you have to do more than thinker with the machinery of the local government. You must have a sense of perspective. You must have the sense of vision so that you can see the present in the past and the future in the present, clarify problems rather than exploit them, and define issues, not exacerbate them. In this way, you can elevate problems, questions, and issues into comprehensible choices for his constituents.

What I’m saying is, to some extent, what we actually need is a political leader who can educate the people by transforming their messy existential groaning into understandable issues. A leader who can dig in the “horrors” of the past in order to clarify “some issues” of the present.

A leader who responds to various queries and groaning of his constituents by attacking them in person by calling them “hypocrites” will inspire no confidence at all. (Well, this is from the basis that what Mr. Gilbroun Quinicio’s stand on the issue is also the Mayor’s stand. The chief reason why he hired a PIO–to speak in his behalf–right?)

On the contrary, you must analyze them and offer clear positions and alternatives. That’s the mark of a leader…the mark of a leader that Malay should have, particularly for the people of Boracay including its tourists.

Well, the problem of Boracay, actually, is simple. This is the same simple problem other tourism destinations are into. The only difference is how the problems are being addressed.

Having said this, I have to add that there are ingredients but I would like to zero in on the main ingredient, which is “political will”. Actually, these, I think, are the two most powerful words that have to become synonymous to Boracay.

What is political will, anyway? For people promoting change, political will is the holy grail. If our beloved politicians can’t get it still, what we would like to say is that it is the enforcement of laws without fear or favor. And if they are really for the welfare of the public, it is the use of political power unconditionally.

Again, unconditionally.

Example? If it’s for the welfare of the island and its people to take down all tricycles (dilapidated or not) since they are indeed a major cause of smoke emission and noise pollution which is pretty bad for the environment, then so be it!

But, it doesn’t end there.

The government still has the responsibility to provide an alternative form of mass transportation in lieu of those about to be phased out. The mayor has to remember that despite the presence of motorcycles, there is still a lingering problem of transportation in the island because of these three main reasons:

1) There is no clear indication that the void in the transportation to be vacated by the trikes that will be phased out will be filled up in the process.

2) Can the government provide a real public transport that will cater to the locals since most (if not all BLTMPC drivers) have the habit to, if not overcharge, decline rides in favor of tourists? And if this is still unclear…

3) Why do it abruptly? Isn’t it better if this will be done in phases?

These, Mayor Bautista, are just some of the groanings of your constituents. Do they deserve to be labeled hypocrites?

You know what, in the book about Rudy, he also has this amazing way of prioritizing things. He always has his priority number one. What’s next? And after that? He writes them down and check them off after getting them done. Because, he said, when you start prioritizing your responsibilities, things start happening”

We only have one Boracay. With so many significant happenings and developments that are happening are falling under his time. It is incumbent for Mayor Bautista then to really assess and make good of his priorities and perspectives as well.

And perhaps, spanking your insensible PIO in the butt and demolish his rotten view of things deserves to be on top of them.

In that way, you can start working to create a better foundation and build better bridges with your constituents.

And by the way, Mr. Gilbroun Quinicio Sr., there’s no need for the national government to tell you Re: the worsening air pollution on the island, it’s just right at your doorsteps.

This island has been home to the locals and some tourists for decades. And I am sure you are not yet around during those years. So we know what you don’t know. And you simply have no right to call people “hypocrites” just like that?

How young are you in the island, by the way? (Comments are welcome at [email protected])

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