Doing our share to nurture our island home

Doing our share to nurture our island home

Apart from the 6-month closure, there has never been a time of each year that Boracay became so dull and quiet. There is always fun and fun somewhere. And with the fun is a chain of environmental risk that always confronts the island especially during this Yuletide season.

Right now, if ECOS Sanitary Landfill and Waste Management Corporation is to be believed, we have an average accumulation of 60 to 70 tons of trash daily and these are the residual waste that are being dumped at a sanitary landfill in Barangay Kabulihan in the mainland Malay. If our American and European visitors might say, “What the fuck!” We would probably say, “What a shit!”

We don’t really know how this volume of waste are being managed right there at the so-called sanitary landfill (did it pass as one?) but, of course, it has to be hauled somewhere.

And this is also the reason why the local government of Malay, please hold your breath, accumulated around P93 million for its garbage collection services. This is apart, please hold your breath again, from the P30 million that the local government under Acting Mayor Frolibar Bautista has already paid to ECOS early this year.

ECOS president Oliver Zamora, who, in earlier media interviews, was quoted as saying, “Ang ECOS ay kaibigan, kaagabay ninyo sa Boracay. This is business but we take into consideration the welfare of the people. We stick to the guidelines of RA 9003,” must have been smiling to the ears right now, I suppose.

Anyway, this is, in fact, another topic which I will dwell on soon considering the stinking facts that surround it.

Going back to the topic, the government or our local officials, should really do something with our current waste problem, not only because it is a mandate, but chiefly because it would certainly boomerang on the tourism industry of this island being frequented by people from the world over. Again, especially at this time of the year.

It is a fact that with the approaching New Year’s Eve celebration, various events for everyone to enjoy the coming of the Year of the Metal Rat have been lined up all over which will also mean that our beautiful island might again be turned into a giant ash tray. Parties during this season practically leave our island littered with cigarette butts, plastic, leftover foods and wrappings, drink containers, broken bottles, and other kind of trash especially on the shoreline.

It is just appropriate indeed for our community and local business owners to come together and volunteer to the clean-up drive and be a part of the broader effort to make our island, especially our shoreline being the face of Boracay, free from filth and all kinds of trash.

The clean-up activity is to be hosted by the advocacy group, Pro-Mother Earth Philippines, which is said to be a group of people living on the island who hopes to support the campaign to make Boracay a better place to live in.

Pro-Mother Earth Philippines believes that at this age, humans are now fighting more disasters than wars and to build an army of advocates for the environment who will take an active role in the effort to promote the advocacy of a greener, cleaner environment, and healthier air, is indeed the call of the hour.

Oh yeah, we know, you will probably have the best bash of the New Year’s Eve and you might still be tipsy that morning but we are still counting on your support to this clean-up activity at the shoreline dubbed “Amazing Boracay Shoreline on Day 1”. It will run from 6:00am to 9:00am wherein participants will converge at Stations 1, 2 & 3 for the simultaneous clean-up at the front beach.

Isn’t it good to continue the celebration of welcoming the New Year as well as the fun by bringing our friends, family members and colleagues to this clean-up drive and help the local government of Malay in maintaining the cleanliness of our beach?

C’mon, join us in the campaign for a better and cleaner environment. Let’s nurture our beloved island, our home and paradise.

See you there, everyone!

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