Front beach pontoons have to go

Front beach pontoons have to go

Evil has cockroach endurance–Dean Koontz

Indeed, cockroaches are incredible survivors, and like the scientist at the Municipality of Malay—he isn’t going anywhere but here, pestering us with all the best that he can muster until, perhaps, the day of reckoning.

Around noontime yesterday, the ilks of the scientist—I mean that one comfortably sitting as the acting mayor of Malay who has this delusion of grandeur as the king of Boracay Island and therefore is privileged to do anything he wishes—did some stunts again and fined a lot of individuals right there at the controversial pontoon on the front beach.

Everybody knows, for sure, that very recently those pontoons became the subject of complaints from various sectors after the local government headed by that scientist started to collect P30 per person based on his Executive Order which is actually the object of a graft and corruption charges filed before the Ombudsman by this writer.

And everybody knows pretty well that the user fee imposed by that scientist was also the subject of a directive from the Boracay Inter-Agency Rehabilitation Management Group (BIARMG) calling for its stoppage.

Now, going back to the scientist’s ilks, they imposed fines to some individuals yesterday—P30 for each person—over the so-called “un-renewed permits” of the boats these individuals were commandeering that time. Well, I am very sure that there is no Ordinance relative to that offense that fines “P30” for every person on a boat with an “expired permit” but if there is one I would say, “UGH!”

Now, one can see here very clearly how the scientist is not running out of tricks just to make money and overburden the business community on the island. Prompted by complaints, he decided to cool down and stop the collection of the user fee for the pontoon (besides, a sizable sum have already been raised) but perhaps he cannot sleep with the fact that those pontoons should be a tool to raise some more money, so he invented another trick to “gracefully” have the job done.

You see, there are documents currently piling up at his desks both for new business and renewal because it takes him months to act on due to the “new processes” that he is imposing–one of which is for him to personally talk to the business applicant before he affixes his signature of approval. Yeah, you can say FUCK, but that is the scenario here, and yes, it is really disgusting.

This scientist should thank that I don’t run a business here in Boracay because if I do, this is what I’m gonna be doing this time:

07 February 2020

Director General, Anti-Red Tape Authority
Ground Floor HPGV Building (Formerly Accelerando),
395 Senator Gil J. Puyat Avenue, 1200 Makati City, Philippines


I am writing to file a complaint against Acting Mayor Frolibar Bautista of the Municipality of Malay, Province of Aklan, for I believe the acting mayor is in violation of various provisions of Republic Act No. 11032 or the “Ease of Doing Business (EDB) Act, specifically:

  • The Zero-Contact Policy (Section 1 Rule 5) as he demands all applicants (new or renewal) to see him personally before the      approval of applications even when the completed documents have already been      submitted.
  • The absence of Electronic Versions of Licenses, Permits, Certifications or      Authorizations (Section 6 Rule 7)
  • The absence of Public Assistance and Complaint Desk (Section 9 Rule 7) which is why it is so hard for us to receive feedback for our transactions
  • The absence of a Business One Stop Shop or BOSS (Section 3 Rule 9)
  • The absence of Citizen’s Charter (Section 1 Rule 4) that could be easily understood by the public as to the flow of transactions

I hope that your office can be able to initiate immediate action on this particular violations because right now a lot of business applicants, like myself, are suffering due to these actions of our acting mayor which is contrary to the spirit of RA 11032 as he substantially galvanized the hardships in making business here in the Municipality of Malay, specifically here in the Island of Boracay.

Thank you.


(Sgd.) Noel Cabobos
Business Applicant

And by the way, I really, really feel bad for the owner of the subject pontoons. I believe the intention in the placement of these pontoons on the front beach was good but now that it is being misused by some lost souls in our midst, I think it’s about time that those pontoons have to go for everyone’s sake. (Comments are welcome at [email protected])

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