Traffic (mis)management on Boracay

Traffic (mis)management on Boracay

With the opening of the “New Boracay” a lot could have been expecting a better traffic flow this time but what is happening is far beyond our expectation.

You see, the traffic situation is still a mess. Although not as messy as before but definitely it is still a mess and it’s a dilemma that all of us here in the island are daily embedded with.

Well, it is good that we already have a pedestrian lane and good too that we already have sidewalks, but the way most drivers behave on our streets is simply despicable.

You see, we have such a narrow road in the island but what compounds the problem is the attitude of most drivers who would inch their way overtaking here and there, and honking here and there. Terrible.

Is there somebody from the local government trying to inculcate among drivers and impose that the use of horns is basically for safety purposes only? C’mon, vehicles are just so close to one another here and using horns just to call attention is no longer necessary. Worse, drivers would even honk at pedestrians crossing the pedestrian lane. Idiots!

This simple rule actually is being violated with impunity.

Now, this leaves me thinking. Or perhaps a lot of us thinking, “Is traffic management existing on the island?” Or perhaps this, “Is the local government and the concerned agencies doing their job?”

Okay, let’s take this piece by piece.

The implementation of transportation laws, rules and regulations is the mandate of the Land Transportation Office or LTO. But LTO is based in Brgy.Tigayon, Kalibo, the capital town of Aklan. I was told, they have a newly-built office somewhere in Caticlan but still not operational.

Unfortunately, LTO doesn’t have a satellite office in Boracay (do they have one?), which simply means that their presence on the island is seasonal. This is the reason why “now you see them, and now you don’t.”

But like other government agencies, LTO has a good scapegoat: “We don’t have enough funding to be there all the time.” Yeah, true. But should they stop there? Which mandate is traffic in the first place?

Boracay is a special case that deserves a special attention. The government always emphasizes the importance of Boracay and its significant contribution to the tourism industry of the country, doesn’t it deserve a special funding to arrest the nagging problem of traffic here?

The point here is this: if only the LTO is doing its job, we will not be having this problem every day. And if only the LTO is doing its job, we will get rid of those vehicles which are not supposed to be on our road.

Let’s talk about the Malay Auxiliary Police. Well, it appears that not all of them are trained to implement traffic laws which is why they are turning a blind-eye on the dilemma that we are going through every day of our lives on the island.

You see, they are supposed to be manning areas especially those with road constructions (where drivers don’t give a damn and giving way is not an option) but where are they? Laxity is so much present and this is what bugging us here every day of the year.

You see, management of traffic alone requires knowledge and proper planning. Do we have one, traffic czar or someone knowledgeable enough to take care of the traffic mess here? Sadly, we have none. Perhaps our officials are busy with something else. Well, 2022 is in the corner so perhaps that’s why?
Now, let’s go back to the main question–Is traffic management existing on Boracay? Then what the hell our officials are doing?

Actually, a first-timer in the island can easily spot the wrong in our traffic system when right after disembarking from a boat at the Cagban port and see vehicles turning left instead of right…and that is one very basic rule. (Comments are welcome at [email protected])

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