Construction of the Bridge connecting Panay, Guimaras and Negros will be delayed - Drillon

Construction of the Bridge connecting Panay, Guimaras and Negros will be delayed - Drillon

The proposed bridge linking the Visayan Island of Panay, Guimaras, and Negros will not be built under the term of President Duterte, says Senate Minority Leader Franklin Drilon. Stating that the construction of the bridge will have no time and will be left to the next administration.

“There is simply no time. The Panay-Guimaras-Negros is an undelivered commitment to the people of three islands of Western Visayas – Iloilo, Guimaras, and Negros. Its construction will be left to the next administration,” Drilon said.

The Build Build Build Program that the Duterte Administration planned includes the bridge that connects the three islands of Panay.

After meeting with Chairman Vince Dizon of the Bases Conversion and Development Authority, Senator Drillon says the project is still in the pre-feasibility stage. Secretary Mark Villar of the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) agreed with the conclusion of Senator Drillon, as he confirmed it in a separate statement on his social media.

The proposed bridge was planned for almost 50 years, where its main goal was for more efficient travel between the islands of Panay, Guimaras, and Negros. The Duterte Administration said in a previous announcement that the bridges would be given priority, which gave hope to the residents and the officials of the said islands.

The plan suggested the construction of a bridge with a length of 32.47 kilometers, which is composed of two phases. The first phase is the Panay-Guimaras section, almost 13 kilometers long and the second is the Guimaras-Negros section, with 19.37 kilometers. It includes four-lanes and two sea-crossing bridges.

Building the bridge enables a more convenient flow of transportation for the people and a faster delivery of goods between the three islands of Panay, Guimaras, and Negros, opening up a new network of opportunities to each island.

“The bridges are the dream of the people of Western Visayas. The lack of inter-connectivity is a stumbling block to the region’s growth and development. We must address the lack of connectivity to transport our agricultural products between Panay, Guimaras, and Negros,” Drilon added.

Source: Manila Bulettin

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