Tech for traveling in the new normal

Tech for traveling in the new normal

Let's face it, 2020 may not be the year where everyone gets to travel. But summer is just a few months away, and Consumer Electronics Show (CES) has introduced us breakthrough technologies to help us improve our way of living.

Here are some of the latest and advanced technology to help us to travel with safety, convenience, and style in the new normal.

Hazel Mask from Razor

Hazel Mask from Razor - Mask has now become a part of our daily outfit in this new normal, so why not kick it up a notch? This smart mask from Razer has active ventilation and N95 medical grace respirator protection. It uses replaceable filters, as well as rechargeable ventilators, which makes the mask sustainable. Included is an auto sterilization case that uses UV light and can charge wirelessly. To put the cherry on top, microphones and an amplifier to boost the sound of your voice, and last but not least, two customizable lighting zones powered by Razer Chroma RGB. Travel with style.

LG PuriCare Wearable Air Purifier

LG PuriCare Wearable Air Purifier - If RGB is not your style, then check out the sleek design on LG's wearable purifier. It purifies air thoroughly for better breathing and has h13 HEPA filters that filter out harmful particles. Its ergonomic design allows people to wear it comfortably and more conveniently. Its respiratory sensors detect the cycle and the volume of the wearer's breath. With its dual fans, it adjusts the three-speed fans of the mask. Perfect for traveling in the hot weather like in the Philippines.

Airpop Active+ halo

Airpop Active+ halo - Another smart Mask. This one uses sensors to track your breathing patterns and your local air quality. It uses the data gathered to determine if you should replace its filters. It consists of athletic gear and materials and design that enables you to breathe much more comfortably.

GoPro Hero9 Black

GoPro Hero9 Black - After arriving at a beautiful destination safely, what better gift to capture memories than with a GoPro Hero 9 Black. It has a new front display, 30% more battery life, a detachable lens, and is waterproof for 33 ft.  This device can let you shoot amazing 5k video that captures astonishing details and records at 4k, 2.7K, 1440p and 1080p. Don't forget to take pictures with pro-quality 20MP photos.

HidrateSpark STEEL

HidrateSpark STEEL - everything is smart nowadays, this includes a smart water bottle. Stay hydrated with the HidrateSpark Steel. It notifies you when it's time for you to drink and syncs to keep your daily goal updated as you go, even when traveling.  With its app, it calculates your daily objective based on your age, height, weight, sex, altitude, and more. Showing you an accurate hydration level. Perfect for traveling to remind when you when to drink your water.


BioButton - It is a coin-size, disposable medical device that can last for 30 days. Biobutton is new wearable tech that measures your respiratory rate, heart rate at rest, skin temperature, and more. With its advanced analytics and data services, it can detect early symptoms of covid-19.

LG Mini Purifier

LG Mini Purifier - Purifiers aren't new anymore, that's true. But this product from LG made it cool. You can take this purifier anywhere with you, in your car, on a plane, or a bus. Its size makes it portable, and it isn't that noisy with only 30 dB, you won't disturb the person sitting next to you. It is said to remove 99% of 0.3 microns ultra-fine dust that can cause diseases. It filters out allergens from the air, improving the air quality you breathe, and just a precaution it doesn't remove pathogens like the coronavirus.

Phonesoap 3

Phonesoap 3- We use our phones all time. We've placed them in various places. After a long day, let's make sure that we eliminate most of the harmful germs and viruses on it. Based on research, UV-C light can eliminate certain viruses like the Covid-19 virus. The phonesoap 3 is a case where you can put your smartphones in and clean them using UV light. Its design fits all smartphones plus its casing. In addition to that, it can also charge your phone while it sanitizes it.

Homedics UV Clean Portable Sanitizer Bag

Homedics UV Clean Portable Sanitizer Bag - Designed to fit in larger items. This bag is a must-have for all planning to travel. It uses four UV-C led lights to disinfect many different objects you usually carry with you, keys, sunglasses, earbuds, and more. With its compact size of 8 inches by 4.1 inches, you can conveniently put it in your travel bag.

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