DOT eyes to make PH's air and seaports “distinctly Filipino”

DOT eyes to make PH's air and seaports “distinctly Filipino”

Department of Tourism (DOT) Secretary Christina Garcia Frasco plans to improve the Philippines’ air and seaports to capture the “Filipino Brand” and give tourists a good first and lasting impression when they visit the country.

“Aside from improving convenience to travelers and tourists, the DOT also looks at putting a ‘Filipino Brand’ to our ports, a good image of the Philippines that would remain in the memories of visitors to the country before touring different destinations in the Philippines and long after they have left,” Secretary Frasco said.

In a meeting with Department of Transportation (DOTr) Secretary Jaime J. Bautista on Monday, the tourism chief noted that as the primary gateway to the country, airports and seaports play an integral role in the overall tourist experience and the tourism value chain.

She added that the DOT envisions improving existing facilities in airports and seaports by introducing enhancements that will make the ports more aesthetically pleasing, convenient, tourist-friendly, and most importantly, reflect the “Filipino Brand.”

DOT’s Recommendations

Some of the DOT’s recommended enhancements include the installation of signages that will have a uniform look in all air and seaports, as well as the use of lighting, backdrop, and furniture that will distinctly show the “Filipino Brand.”

To make the airport experience extraordinary and experiential for travelers, the DOT said there would be interactive displays that’ll feature various artists and artisans.

“This is something we would like to herald in the Philippines beginning with our pride, and our culture, our heritage, our identity as Filipinos. And that is why the elements of the aesthetic improvements that we wish to introduce are all made in the Philippines and distinctively Filipino,” she said.

The DOT is also pushing for a stress-free passenger experience with more efficient service and reduced passenger waiting time. DOT recommends a One-Stop-Shop for land, air, and sea connectivity with provision for digitalized service to facilitate efficiency. The Department also committed a tourism assistance desk with trained personnel to facilitate visitors’ concerns.

Meanwhile, the DOT suggested letting pre-pandemic routes resume to minimize the congestion in the major ports.

The program will be a joint partnership between the DOT and DOTr. During the meeting, Transportation Secretary Bautista agreed to the DOT’s proposal to create a Technical Working Group (TWG) that would oversee the smooth and comprehensive facilitation of the enhancement program.

In addition to its recommendation to reinstate identified domestic and international flights, the DOT also proposes to strengthen its partnership with the DOTr on the aspect of air and sea routes development.

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