Family Vacations is the top Filipino motivation to travel - Airbnb

Family Vacations is the top Filipino motivation to travel - Airbnb

The top Filipino priorities in terms of travel this year is family vacations, a study showed, which outrank business trips and shopping as the previous main reason for travel.

At least six out of 10 Filipino prefers family vacations as the primary motivation to travel this year, according to Airbnb’s Philippines Travel Trends Survey 2021 with data analytics firm YouGov.

One of the key motivators that get Filipinos back on the road is visiting close friends and relatives as well as enjoying the free time to unwind and relax.

The Airbnb-commissioned survey gathered responses from 1,067 Filipinos between February 4 and 8.

The survey revealed that 88 percent of the respondents said they felt more connected with their families during the pandemic. One of the reasons for domestic travel among Filipinos is with immediate and extended families.

Meanwhile, the top choice for Filipinos' first trip post-pandemic is road trips, as respondents showed that they prefer to travel close to nature and places outside their communities well within driving distance.

“People are more likely to start traveling near to their places and so local and domestic tourism is going to be something that takes center stage before borders open up and cross-border travel resumes," said Amanpreet Bajaj, Airbnb's general manager for Southeast Asia, India, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.

"Travellers are also looking at slower, more mindful travel amidst nature. We believe that travel is resilient and will bounce back with time, and we anticipate that unique and family-friendly travel will serve as the impetus for domestic tourism recovery.”

To help local Airbnb hosts and guests community, Airbnb said it would support government efforts to revive domestic tourism as it pledged to drive sustainable long-term growth for its "Stays and Experiences"

In the Philippines in 2019 alone, Airbnb contributed about USD1 billion in economic impact and supported more than 160,000 jobs, citing Oxford Economics.

For a forward sustainable way for its listings to be accredited, Airbnb said it intends to work closely with key policymakers and industry stakeholders, and in line with the government’s regulations for leisure travel.

Source: Philippine News Agency

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