Green Spark Project in Guimaras, Reinvents Eco-Tourism

Green Spark Project in Guimaras, Reinvents Eco-Tourism

Guimaras started the "Green Spark" Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program of transmission firm National Grid Corporation of the Philippines (NGCP). Giving a new perspective on what eco-tourism is all about.

The NGCP's project in San Lorenzo, Guimaras, partnered with Bambike Revolution Cycles. Wherein the bicycles made from locally sourced bamboos are being used by the local tourism as a new way of transportation.

The company said that the "Green Spark" program aims to have a "positive change with the introduction of a green and sustainable alternative lifestyle."

With the representatives from the NGCP and both the provincial and the local Governments of Guimaras, they have officially launched the Green Spark Project as a way to promote a new eco-tourism achievement in the province.

Emphasizing that their efforts "will usher in a new milestone in Guimaras which will be centered on biking and to explore the island's tourist destinations"

Furthermore, the use of these bamboo bicycles encourages a more sustainable and eco-friendly mode of tourism as there is only minimal environmental damage. It promotes people's health through physical activities and requires no public infrastructure to support it and last of all but certainly not the least, the project produces no carbon emission.

The NGCP also shared that the way the Bambike company produces and makes its bikes is through the use of locally sourced and sustainable bamboo. Hence, being proud of their own Filipino work.

On the other hand, Corporate Social Responsibility also started working on the agricultural community of Macabud in Rodriguez Rizal. There all the electric vehicles have been provided with a charging station for the community to use.

The Green Spark Project introduces a new way of looking at eco-tourism with its bamboo bikes in Guimaras.

According to the NGCP, the Green Spark Initiative "embodies what the company envisions for its communities." Providing for a sustainable model of transportation either it is made of bamboos or electric, their goal is to equip many communities with sustainable and eco-friendly options.

In addition, their CSR program also targets transmission operations suggesting "responsive to the anticipated increase in power demand consumption and prepared with smart solutions to growing energy dependency."

Source: Manila Bulletin

Photos by: Bambike Article - A New Island Experience in the Philippines!

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