PH ranked low in tourism sustainability

PH ranked low in tourism sustainability

Among countries promoting sustainable tourism, the Philippines only ranked 94th out of 99 by the global business intelligence and market analysis provider Euromonitor International also the Philippines fell behind another ranking of "travel potential” in Asia-Pacific.

The Philippines’  2020 travel index position in Euromonitor’s “Top Countries for Sustainable Tourism: Embracing a Green Transformation for Travel Recovery” report published on March 12 was only better than four other countries—Pakistan, India, Mauritius, Vietnam, and Morocco.

The index assessed a total of 57 travel indicators across environmental, social, and economic sustainability; country risk and sustainable tourism demand, transport, and lodging, Euromonitor said.

“As destinations around the world slowly begin to reopen while protecting local communities and preserve livelihoods, there is a growing awareness among consumers, businesses and governments for the need to prioritize not only profit but people and the planet,” Euromonitor added.

"While the report did not elaborate on the Philippines’ low rank, Euromonitor said the country’s “debt ranking lowered substantially, [while] employment in tourism and transportation sectors became more important," it continued.

The Philippines however was noted by the Euromonitor among the countries that improved in terms of economic sustainability (ranked 55th) and social sustainability (78th).

In a separate report, the country had the lowest rank in the" short-haul resilience" index according to the UK-based Oxford Economics’ unit Tourism Economics. The Philippines had only 10 percent or less share of inbound travelers coming from nearby foreign tourist markets.

Tourism Economics senior economist for Asia-Pacific Michael Shoory said, that the Philippines also joined Australia and Sri Lanka among markets expected to post below-average inbound travel recovery in 2022.

Meanwhile, in terms of "domestic resilience" or share of local travelers, the country ranked near average among 20 Asia-Pacific destinations, unfortunately, in terms of "travel resilience" or short-haul and domestic tourism combined, the Philippines placed second lowest, only better than Cambodia.

As for “domestic opportunity” or the share of outbound overseas trips by its residents, the Philippines was below-average in the region, such that the overall “travel potential,” which combined the short-haul and domestic resilience with domestic opportunity landed the country in the last place in the region.

Source: Inquirer.Net

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