Standardized local regulation for all domestic travel -DILG

Standardized local regulation for all domestic travel -DILG

Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) said that the ease of quarantine restriction starting March enables a clarified and efficient way for the Local Government to impose a uniform travel requirement visitors need when traveling to the different tourist destinations.

“The people are confused about travel regulations because they vary from province to province,” Jonathan Malaya, spokesperson for the DILG, said.

He explained that some local government requires their visitors a travel authorization, while others are not required. The same can be said for those that ask for an antigen test, while some of the Local Government Unit prefer to have the RT-PCR test before their flight or travel. Some also require to undergo a 14-day quarantine regardless of their RT-PCR test result. Such confuses the tourists wanting to travel domestically.

“There is a need to streamline the different travel restrictions imposed by [local governments] to domestic travelers. Placing the entire country under one quarantine classification would allow the DILG to harmonize the fragmented travel regulations,” Malaya said.

Malaya said that the DILG finally organized a technical working group to coordinate with the different local governments. The organization is all under the Union of Local Authorities of the Philippines, working towards a standardized local regulation that implements for all domestic travel.

In effect, people are encouraged to travel locally for their leisure, boosting up and reviving the tourism industry. A sector that was severely affected by the pandemic.

Furthermore, Malaya clarified and emphasized that not all travel restrictions should be removed as there is still the threat of the coronavirus.

“We’re not saying that we will remove all travel restrictions and go back to where we came from. That’s impossible because COVID-19 is still here,” Malaya said.

Source: Inquirer.Net

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