Best Time Now; Boracay, a warm destination to visit this 2020

Best Time Now; Boracay, a warm destination to visit this 2020

There’s no place like paradise. This small tropical island in the Philippines. With a calm crystal clear turquoise waters, powdery white sand with gradually sloping beach and its best attraction the sunset.

The best time is now! To go and witness the transformation of the island since its closure 2 years ago.

Here’s a look at Boracay from the old days to the recently rank no. 9 in Best Beaches in Asia 2020 Tripadvisor Travellers’ Choice Award.

Photo by Mark Andalecio

A long, long time ago…

Pure serenity is how the locals and tourists described it in the past.
A perfect word to what was Boracay before. Just you and the calm sea while watching the sunset to the horizon.

Before, there are lots of coconut palm trees, nipa huts (bahay kubo) where local lives, you could see the vastness of the white-colored sandy shore,  summer breeze that brings you joy and peace and few natives living their simple lifestyle.

Photo by Ben Tiaga
Photo by Ben Tiaga

In the night there is no electricity. Only the moonlight that brought shines in the surroundings. As you walk in the seashore you can see bioluminescence plankton sweeps across your feet and the quietness of the island lulls the children to sleep.

The over-developed effect

Upon its discovery. The island has been developed as a tourist destination. The whole year round tourists both foreign and domestic flock the island. The demand is so great that it came to a point where it has been over-developed.

Although it brought jobs and money, the island’s health deteriorates. Local government creates laws and ordinances to have sustainable tourism but the problem became so great that it accumulates and brought the island to its knees.

On April 26, 2018 president Duterte closed the island for six months.

The closure affects the livelihood of thousands of people working on the island. The closing of Boracay brought unemployment, worker displacements, and loss for business owners.
Reality bites it is harsh. It is a bitter pill to swallow. But it must be done.

Boracay sewerage pipes
Boracay Road Constructions

For six months the island went to environmental rehabilitation. Fixing the drainage systems, requiring sewerage treatment plant (STP), reconstructing of roads, getting rid of power, telecommunications and cable spaghetti wires, the demolition of residential and commercial buildings encroaching on the beach easement and the closing of hotels that violated the building code standards.

Boracay Re-open

The road to sustainable tourism

October 26, 2018.  The much-awaited re-opening of the island. The gates were finally opened once again for everyone. To finally witness the beautiful Boracay island restored to its former glory.

New Boracay Entrance

The restoration was a success and new policies were implemented for the best interest of the island’s health.  The rehabilitation proved to be a good call for the island. Now Boracay is back! And it has emerged one of the best beaches in Asia.

Saving Boracay’s environment has been made the top priority since its closure. Creating sustainable tourism like limiting the number of tourists visitors according to the island carrying capacity. Implement ordinances like no smoking in public areas and no illegal vendors roaming the shore.

Single-use plastic is now also prohibited on the island.

In addition to that, the Government stated the use of electric tricycles for transportation to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide emissions.

Through the help of the national and local government, business owners, locals and other stakeholders Boracay named the best island in Asia.

Photo by Diadem Paderes

It was recognized as the Best Island in Asia by Condé Nast Traveler in its 2019 Readers’ Choice Awards. And just recently rank no. 9 in Best Beaches in Asia 2020 Tripadvisor Travellers’ Choice Award.

A warm place to visit

As winter approaches on the other hemisphere of the Earth, summer has completely settled in the Philippines. It is the best time to visit and revisit the island of Boracay. Warm smiles and a warm place awaits you.

Boracay Paraw

With its cleaned beaches, it is safe to refresh yourself in its calm crystal clear turquoise waters once again and bask in the sun’s heat. To revel in the thought that Boracay was saved before it was too late.

There is more to the island than just its beautiful beaches. You can try water sports activities that will keep you excited throughout the day.

How about an Island hopping a fun way to spend the entire day. Where you will visit the different beaches, crystal cove island and its caves, snorkeling and see the coral reefs and colorful marine life.

There’s also a nerve-racking activity, like cliff jumping on Magic Island or to Ariels point.

But the epitome of all activities in Boracay is probably the simplest yet the most satisfying event ever. The Boracay sunset.

Boracay's Sunset

It seems a little bit cliche, but it is an event no one can pass up. It is probably the most anticipated event. Sunsets at this summertime are extremely splendid. Seeing the pallet of orange hues blend into a symphony of different colors.

Photo by Dondon Manikan

Sunsets at this beach are always unique. No sunsets are ever alike and seeing it will leave you marveled.

Photo by Louis Hansel @shotsoflouis on Unsplash

Aside from the activities and sightseeing, food is also something we can’t ignore. There are many ranges of cuisine available. From the east and to the west. Boracay is a host for a variety of different menus. Corner after corner, foods from different continents can be found, a taste from all over the world.

Today many hotels and resorts in Boracay offer discounted rates and promos. Encouraging both foreign and domestic tourists. As of the time, this is written Boracay is still FREE from COVID-19.

If you’re thinking when is the best time to pack your suitcase? The best time is now. When the sun is at its peak and Boracay is at its best.

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