Iloilo City only requires vaxx cards for the fully vaccinated individuals

Iloilo City only requires vaxx cards for the fully vaccinated individuals

When traveling to Iloilo City, fully vaccinated travelers will no longer need to submit any documents via S-Pass, and only their vaccination cards are required to enter.

Though travelers still must enter their data through the S-PASS website, but they don’t need to present any documentary requirements.

“Starting November 1, inbound travelers to Iloilo City will no longer be required to submit any documents via S-Pass. Vax card or negative RT-PCR results for the unvaccinated will be part of the requirements of the airlines/shipping companies.  Just apply, and you will be automatically approved,” Iloilo City Mayor Jerry Treñas said in his Facebook post.

Meanwhile, for the partially vaccinated or unvaccinated, a negative RT-PCR test result is still required as part of the requirements of the airlines and shipping companies.

In a report by Rappler, Treñas said that LGU’s COVID Team decided to make access to the City more accessible for all travelers. He added that by doing this, it would have a positive effect on the City’s economy.

Treñas also cited rules implemented by local governments in Bacolod and Negros Occidental, which eased restrictions to and from Iloilo.

“As we are heading towards December, we should loosen up, because businesses are being affected, and if they are affected, then we would lose jobs,” he said in a phone interview by Rappler.

The Iloilo City Mayor also expressed his confidence that relaxing the travel requirements will not affect the downward trend of the City’s Covid-19 cases.

According to the City Epidemiological Surveillance Unit (CESU), as of October 31, the City only had nine new cases.

“Our cases have been going down, and so is in other places. Metro Manila is already on Alert Level 3, and their COVID vaccination rate has now reached more than 80% . So, we have that level of confidence,” he said.


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