Lapu-Lapu City eased travel restrictions to domestic tourists

Lapu-Lapu City eased travel restrictions to domestic tourists

The city government of Lapu-Lapu removed the requirements needed to enter the city to ease travel restrictions of domestic tourists, the decision is also backed by the tourism stakeholders in the city.

On March 4, 2021, Lawyer Misaellee Tejano, Secretary to the Lapu-Lapu City Mayor Junard Chan, said that the city would no longer require a letter of acceptance, travel endorsements, travel authority issued by the Joint Task Force Shield, medical certificates, and swab tests to domestic travelers.

The lifting of travel restriction requirements would boost the tourism establishments and the entire Lapu-Lapu properties as well as the HRRAC members, Colleen Barcelona, vice president of Hotel Resorts and Restaurants Association in Cebu, Inc. (HRRAC), said.

“This is what we have all been waiting for,” Barcelona said.

She further said that tourists who will arrive in Lapu-Lapu would eventually also visit Mandaue City, Cebu City, and the entire province, which would also help their economy recover.

Tejano cautioned that with this development, the health status of each of their guests must be strictly checked and the responsibility of hotel management should also increase.

“So you will have to heighten your symptoms checks, your contact tracing, and to ensure that your guests will stay in your premises, and if they go out, you know where they go,” Tejano said.

Barcelona, however, assured that they were already implementing this measure for the benefit not only of the city but also the industry.

Cindi Chan, the chairperson of the City Tourism Cultural and Historical Commission, also said that those hotels and resorts that were struggling due to the pandemic and are no longer in good shape can greatly be helped thru the easing of travel restrictions.

“This is a welcome move. The airport, the airlines have been asking for this,” Chan said.

Domestic tourists and travelers, however, must still wear face masks and face shields as it is still a requirement to comply with the health and safety protocols to avoid the spread of the virus, Chan reminded.

Source: CDN Inquirer.Net

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