Local Airlines gives out promotional sales to encourage travel

Local Airlines gives out promotional sales to encourage travel

Local airlines are now offering seats worth as low as P1 as a way to encourage domestic travel and revive the tourism industry affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

Here are three Airline companies offering sales.


As the summer peak season starts to begin, AirAsia launched their 3:3 Summer Sale, a perfect timing.

Passengers can now book a flight for as low as P233 from the airports of Manila,  Clark, and Cebu. The booking sale period starts from March 1 until March 7. While the travel period is between March 1 to July 2021, according to AirAsia.

The airlines also offered to all domestic destinations a UNLI flight pass for unlimited flights that lasts until October 30, 2021.

According to Steve Dailisan, AirAsias spokesperson, seat sales of the airlines causes a radical change for both the travel and tourism industry even before the pandemic has started. That remains as part of AirAsia's "DNA", he told ABS-CBN news.

AirAsia said that the seat sales increased up to 107 percent in just 2 months.

The increase "is a positive indication that Filipinos are ready to travel again," Dalisan added.

"We believe that, as we see the end of the pandemic, Filipinos would love to reclaim their halted travel plans...Our goal is to sustain the momentum and keep all our guests excited by offering affordable fares, coupled with world-class service," he said.

With the government already easing the restriction for traveling, it is seen that the sale trend will continue for the coming months, according to  Dailisan.


Currently, the Philippine Airline has an on-going P80 sale, the one-way base fare for all domestic flights, and an $80 roundtrip sale for all the international flights, as a way to celebrate its 80th anniversary.

The promos last from March 1 till March 7. The travel period for all domestic flights from the beginning of March and for international flights is March 16 and onwards, PAL said.

The Philippine Airlines also included an unlimited number of rebooking for flights.


For its 25th anniversary, the Cebu Pacific celebrated by offering a P25 seat sale, that starts at the beginning till the end of March, with a travel period starting from March 1 till December 31 this year.

They launched another promo last Wednesday, offering promotional seats for as low as P1 to all of the domestic flights including flights to international destinations.

Though the Piso fares start from March 3 to 5 for any travel destination between the months of June till the end of December this year, Cebu Pacific said.

According to Candice Iyog, Cebu Pacific Vice President for Marketing and Customer Experience, more deals will be announced this March, all in favor of encouraging air travel, she said in a virtual briefing.

"All these efforts are to stimulate air travel. We believe the market is ready," Iyog said

In addition, the Cebu Pacific airline "permanently removed" their change fees, this means that passengers are now allowed to rebook their flights as many times as they needed to.

"This is geared towards building confidence in air travel and the effort to restore and rebuild our network so people can fly again," she said.

Increasing mobility is a way for the Philippines to recover economically as it suffered the worst contraction since the World War 2 last year.


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