NAIA will increase its passenger cap to 10K, and its Terminal 4 will reopen by March 28

NAIA will increase its passenger cap to 10K, and its Terminal 4 will reopen by March 28

The country will be able to accommodate more travelers now, as the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) will increase its passenger cap from 5,000 to 10,000; also, on March 28, NAIA Terminal 4 will finally resume operations.

According to Transportation Secretary Arthur Tugade, the agency’s aviation sector is prepared for the gradual reopening of the country’s economy.

Since the Inter-Agency Task Force placed the National Capital Region (NCR), along with 38 other areas under Alert Level 1, plus the government continues to ease pandemic restrictions, it’s time to increase the passenger limit.

“Two days ago, we hit 7,500 for inbound passengers at the NAIA. And we are expecting in the next couple of days it will be 10,000 passengers. Are we ready for the gradual increase from 5,000 to 10,000? The answer is yes,” Tugade said based on the report from Manila Bulletin.

Furthermore, to accommodate more travelers, Tugade said the NAIA Terminal 4 would reopen after two years of closure due to the pandemic.

“On March 28, we will open Terminal 4. This is an additional facility that will receive and send passengers to their flights,” he noted during the weekly taped interview, speaking partly in Filipino, according to the report of Air Traveller PH.

He added that the rehabilitated airports in Surigao and Siargao will also reopen by the end of March.

Meanwhile, Tugade said since March 1, airline companies have returned to operate at 100% passenger capacity. However, universal and mandatory safety measures from departure, inflight, and arrival will still be effective in all airport facilities and onboard the aircraft.

Under the guidelines of Alert Level 1, all establishments, including public transportation operations, will return to full passenger capacity.

(Manila Bulletin)

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